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Your Superman

One night as I watched my lady sleep her spirit woman came out, kissed me gently on the lips and said I thank you for the tender guidance you provide for me. The way you lead and the attention you pay to my needs. You are the provider of my love, my joy, my smile. You get me unlike any other on this planet. Look at how I sleep, it's because of the solid trust I have that you will keep me safe. I adore you. The harmonious tones of your voice when you speak to me awakens thoughts in me I never knew I had. Your cuddle is my security blanket, your kiss is the starter of my desires of my wanting your physical experience. My Superman! The one who goes out of his way to make sure I don't struggle or stumble in life.

My lady the things I do for you is out of pure love and respect I have for you. Nothing I do could really explain how I feel about you. When you touch my hands I feel grateful that you chose me to share your life with. I need you to get plenty of rest so that your outer beauty continues to shine. I will always be there for you. I will continue to rub your feet when you are tired, I will listen to the things that upset you, I will wash the dishes, clean the clothes, keep our home clean and make love to you like nothing you've ever experienced before. Even though we share the responsibilities of our home I want you to know that under no circumstances you are in this alone. When you hurt, I hurt and I will run through hell and high water to get the problems resolved so my baby can get back to her joy I love so much.

I will continue to provide that emotional support you need. You are so valuable to me, I appreciate all of you. I will leap over our children to get between you and them when they are beginning to work your nerves and I will fly them to another room before you snap. My Queen, the woman I want to get old with, the woman I love to look at, talk too and share with. I can't imagine my life without your strength, your smile, your ability to make our house a home. Whatever I can do to make sure you are okay I will do. I pray for our love, I fight tooth and nail for the strength of our love to hold steady. I only want to be that one you can't live without, that one who brings you the greatest joys you could ever experience in this lifetime. Your inner beauty is amazing and I love you! For our love I will be the man of steel that will always protect your heart! There is no kryptonite that can shield me from protecting my lady.

Do you have a super spouse? Start this new year off with love! Make changes in your life that will draw love to you. You are responsible for your own happiness, be your greatest you and when you find true love treat them like they are the greatest gift God has given to you

Happy New Year!

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Kimi Sung
Kimi Sung
Jan 01, 2020

Nice piece.

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