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Why not me? Why H.E.R.

Why should it be you? From day one I knew you were the one for me. Physically you had that it factor I've always craved. Your smile was like the invitation of love you see in the movies, your attitude was perfect and we could talk about any and everything. Only God could put a body together like yours. I thought you were the perfect 10 for me, but as time went along you started to change. You became a stranger like overnight. Your attitude changed and you became ugly! No, your body was still flawless and your smile superb. I noticed you started hanging out with your single friends more and your appalling behavior became greater. Your words became negative, your walk became loose. You have now become ugly in your physical and mental states. I now look at you and I don't recognize who you are. I had been tricked and left to believe you were the one for me.

After I moved on, I found someone who is not vain like you when it comes to her physical attributes and her personality is like no other. Her smile is warm and inviting, her figure and look is all natural. She is down right gorgeous! She is a true Queen knowing life is not all about her, it's about us! She is charitable, intelligent, loves helping others and has no problem speaking her truth. She encourages and compliments me. This new woman doesn't listen to other's, she listens to her heart. This wonderful woman of mine has become my joy, my love, my soul, my peace, my Heaven here on earth. You asked why her and not you, well she lives for us and not for the Gram, Snapchat, Facebook or others. She is true beauty for how she is, who she is and how she carries herself. She is quality not interested in the quantity of attention she receives from others. She is truly everything you are not and I love it! She is my H.E.R.!

It's funny that when someone runs you away because of their selfish, negative behaviors and they see you happy with another, they gain interest in you again and promises to change, like they deserve a second chance. It's not all about beauty. There is more to why a person is interested in you. The total package has a heart of pure gold attached to it! She is a keeper! I will cherish this blessing with all my heart, doing whatever it takes to keep her by my side. Why H.E.R.? Because I'm happy!

Have you ever been in this situation? Do you know someone like this? Did you find that special someone that makes your whole being light up with joy? In order to be happy you have to sometimes look past the beauty in order for you to see the real person inside. WSY?

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