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Why can't we love each other?

They say the powers that be are working feverishly to break up the union of the black male and the black female. Some will argue that their plan is working. We see so much of the negatives that plaque our communities and they are being played out on the controlled news media outlets, social media and it has become the topic of discussion in our day to day conversations. Rarely do you see the positive communication or examples of black unity on a day to day basis like we witness on our commercials and movies.

We were always taught to not always believe everything we see, but somewhere along the lines we started believing the bullshit. We got lost in following the devils plan and in doing so we began to disrespect one another. We look at each other with disdain and with the utmost of disrespect!

Where did our love go and how can we get it back? I believe we have to go back, research and find those examples of what love with us truly looks like. Love doesn't come from money, it comes from the heart. Love comes with being honest with yourself first!

Black love is the most powerful love on the planet. We need it to survive in a place that's constantly trying to keep us down and manipulate the rest of the world into believing we are less than. In reality they know we are strong and the sooner we realize how powerful we are together, than the positive impact of our lives and community will begin to thrive and flourish and our families and neighbors will become one again. It's time that our black man and black woman get back to respecting, trusting, honoring and loving on one another like never before! WSY?

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Sep 24, 2019

Therapy. For those who are damaged from the trauma of unloving relationships, therapy is in order. This could be in a group or one on one, yet, it is needed because what happens is, we aren’t healed before entering new relationships. We take the trauma into the next and another black man or woman because injured as a result. Our mental health restoration is vital, if your vision is to come to fruition. Honesty and acceptance of another’s honesty is key to this growth that you speak of as well. Far too often we only want to hear and see what we want from the other person rather than what they want to tell and show us. Denial of another’s…

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