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While we are Friends

The most important relationships next to marriage. Friends, those we share almost all of our innermost thoughts and ideas and life experiences with. Friends, the ones we trust with our secrets. Friends are the ones who will go to war with you when it's time to defend your honor, when it's time to check someone for crossing the lines of respect. Friends become your family members as they almost share everything with each other including your immediate family members. Your mom becomes their mom, your sisters and brothers become theirs etc... You are a well connected crew and can't no one or nothing penetrate that bond, or can it?

As the years roll along friends start to deal with a lot of things that will challenge their bond. There are times when your friendships will be tested so much you lose the person who meant so much to you, it hurts but at times it's necessary. Sometimes when you are young things like showing interest in the same guy or girl can be a problem when it comes to friendships. They fight over who saw them first, he or she likes me more so on and so forth. The only way to overcome this problem is by being honest and communicating with each other. Sometimes the communication turns out positive and both parties decide it's best that no one deals with the beautiful or handsome problem. Sometimes one of the friends decides it's best to enter into that relationship and it in turns puts a strain on your relationship with your best friend and it ends with you severing ties with the person you once loved as a sister or brother. There are so many different reasons why friends part ways and with some they were able to get past their differences and find their way back to that positive brotherhood and sisterhood they once had.

When it comes to losing friendships some end up in a fight that is not repairable and the two parties involved begin to start hitting below the belt. Your friends know your innermost secrets and sometimes when a friend has been hurt by another friend purposely or not the only thing that person can think about is making that person hurt just as much as they hurt. At this point the ability to communicate has been lost and there is no coming back from it. So, I come asking this question to you the readers. Should you tell your best friends everything intimate about your life? Do you know that even if you were once friends when it comes to parting ways those things you know about your ex friends should be left behind with your non existing friendships, never to be talked about or brought up again? Bringing up intimate information about someone you loved to hurt them is just down right mean and evil. It's a fine line as when you are friends with someone no one can predict the future and they have no way of knowing that the friendships could come to a negative end. Even when it comes to ending the affairs of your once family like friendships can you be loyal with their secrets after a bad breakup?

As long as the secrets you told your friends in confidence remain between you two there is always a chance that you all can rekindle your relationships. Then there are things you just can't come back from so move on in silence. WSY

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Kimi Sung
Kimi Sung
Nov 01, 2019

This is thought-provoking. Trust is so important. Some of us are trusting of others and open up easily leaving ourselves vulnerable to what you present, ex-friends divulging our personal life to others. I say, keep being who you are. While I understand the need to protect oneself after trust is gone, it is hard to become a person that one is not just because others are mean-spirited. One can lose the beautiful qualities that make up their character when one becomes hardened. This is a tough call. Thank you for raising these questions😊

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