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When is it a good time say I love you

Those three special words that everyone loves to hear, "I Love You"! These words mean so much to so many, but it's three of the scariest words at the same time. Why is it scary you ask, well I will tell you. Attached to those words are positive actions of mental, physical and spiritual attraction. Once said you have to act a certain way about someone, you have to prove that those words you spoke are true. I believe that people put to much pressure on those who speak these words. Nothing positive should make you feel uncomfortable or awkward, yet these words do. So the question is when is it a good time to tell someone you love them? I would say the moment you start feeling that way. Now don't expect the person to feel the same way as you do at that point and time because people reach different feelings at different times.

Those who receive theses words at times began to feel pressure thinking they have to say it back. Truth is there should be no pressure and no you don't ever have to say anything that you don't mean. The person who spoke those endearing words should also know that the other person may not have arrived at that point yet and it's to be understood. Expressing your feelings for another let's them know how you feel about them and it takes away the awkwardness of holding it inside, it's a freeing up of how you feel. The words I love you seems to have the meaning of forever attached to it which may scare those who are the receivers of the term of endearment. It can also mean total commitment to some who is not really sure that's what they want to do at this time.

Just because the person you are with doesn't say it back right then and there doesn't mean they don't like you as much, maybe they need time to process. Also telling someone you love them could make you feel rejected if it is not reciprocated. You shouldn't feel that way. You have revealed your heart and now you don't have to tip toe around acting like you don't have feelings for the individual. You have now just placed the ball in their court. Either way we are going to make something happen here or we will not. Just know that you may have made it easier for that special someone to say what they have been feeling, but was afraid of what you may have thought about them or you may not get the response you were looking to receive.

Since communication is key in all relationships it's okay to express your feelings and it leaves no room for guess work. I will say proceed with caution if you are a person who doesn't deal with rejection well. So again I say it's perfectly okay to tell someone you love them when you feel it. The response could be negative or positive, but you laid your cards all out on the table. So to those who can do this I salute you and to those who can't I truly understand. WSY

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