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Wet wipes for men

I remember back in high school the football players and the track athletes used to play this game that turned out to be very embarrassing for some. The game was played when a group of guy's focused on one person, they would hold the person down and strip off all of their clothing and throw the guy out onto the field or hallway exposing himself to any and every one who was outside or in the hallway. Oh yeah, the football players would also hang the guy's underwear on a pole outside so that those too would be viewed by everyone. I know what you are thinking, those guys were just mean and it was. At the time none of the players thought so because before it was all said and done everyone had become a victim of the strip game. Believe it or not the crazy activity changed the way a lot of the players wiped their backsides because there were some guy's who were more embarrassed than others. Some of those guy's underwear looked as if they never wiped after using the toilet, a very disturbing site!

When it comes to men's grooming habits a lot of things were looked down upon and considered soft and not masculine enough for men. Any man that would partake in such activities such as getting manicures and pedicures was considered feminine. People would call those guy's metro-sexual or pretty boys. Little did those who considered it a negative know that there were benefits to getting manicures and pedicures, when you take care of your hands and feet you are also taking care of your internal organs because your hands and feet are connected to everything in your body. Other benefits to that is that by doing these things it will make your woman a whole lot happier as she really doesn't want your feet to be cutting her legs up, ripping her sheets and she doesn't want you scratching up her face and body with your hands. Women love men with strong masculine hands, but not to the point where they feel like bricks. Women love their men masculine but clean!

So here we are again with a debate over whether or not men should carry and use wet wipes? I firmly believe that if it makes you feel better and it is safe than I see no harm in it. I do understand that men will say that is just another way to feminize the male. Wet wipes were something that was equated to woman for the longest. Women had to make sure they smelled fresh at all times for their men and for themselves as well and if she didn't it was considered a negative on her behave. But let's take a look at this. Men and women are more active nowadays and they are always on the run trying to close a deal, working out, getting across town, hiking, working and what have you. It was manly to do all these things to provide for their families and come home a little dirty if you work out in the field or tired if you had a long day at the office. Women love the idea of their man being out their in the world trying to make things happen, she also wants to reward her guy for all that he does for her and their family. Sometimes a woman wants to reward her guy right then and there, but due to the smell down under sometimes she has to wait for you to get out of the shower blah blah blah. What if a man were to think about wet wipes in that manner as opposed to thinking it is feminine?

I say to each his own, but if it is going to help me to get some added bonuses in my love life and it's safe to use then why not. Please make sure it is safe to use because you can't just be going around putting anything between your butt cheeks or on your manhood! WSY

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Kimi Sung
Kimi Sung
29 Eki 2019

I love it! You are so right. I carry wet wipes, myself. Lol. Smh. Great points.

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