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We don't have to fight

It's been said that whatever you speak into the atmosphere it will be so. With that being said, there have been many potential couples who speak about their futures together and time and time again couples agree that they will eventually have fights with each other. Fights are not always physical, there are times when the two disagree on something. Disagreements don't have to escalate into full blown arguments or physical altercations. When two people are in love with each other it's almost impossible for their disagreements to evolve into an uncontrollable outburst of negative word bullets penetrating the hearts of those they love. The maturity and respect that the two have for one another won't allow them to cross that disrespectful line.

Disagreements can be a great time to discuss the reasons why we disagree and in turn will help with understanding why one feels the way that they do. There is so much more joy in listening and understanding as opposed to screaming and throwing verbal darts at one another. Words hurt and once they are released you can't take them back. The mouth speaks from the heart so choose your words wisely and always think about how much you really love the person. Once an understanding has been reached then you can get back to loving on each other again and maybe more so because the understanding has brought you two that much more closer.

There will be times of disagreements but there should never be anything that should bring two people who truly love each other to the brink of verbally assassinating each other. So ask yourself when is it a good time to fight? I say never! Before you lash out get a better understanding of what is being said, listen and talk respectfully. In the end you two may still not agree with the outcome or explanation of the other, so agree to disagree and respect each other when the situation or subject arises again. Communication is the key to everything positive. Fighting is not the way to love, respect is!

I believe you don't have to fight, you may need to walk away before speaking and that is okay. Excuse yourself and let the other person know that you would like to return to the subject later once you have cooled down. It helps and once you guy's come to a mutual agreement you can get back to loving on one another which is so much more enjoyable! The goal of the disagreement is not to prove who is right and who is wrong, but it is to come to an understanding to make the relationship understandable, respectful and meaningful. The ultimate goal is to be able to get to know your mate so well you guy's move as one mentally, spiritually and physically! When you are totally in sync your lives together becomes amazing! WSY?

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