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Vaccinated Bullies

This one here is for the social media vaccinated bullies and those out in the world trying to force the vaccine on people. I just watched my 70 plus year old mother who has some health conditions beat covid. I just witnessed my 22 year old niece and my 41 year old sister beat covid, I also watched my under 12 year old niece live around them and not catch the virus or have any symptoms. They live in the same home and none of them are vaccinated! I hear people telling other's "If you die because you didn't get the shot then you get what you get". I hear those who received the shot say "I'm doing this for you all. First of all your NOT, you did it for yourself! A lot of those people who are screaming get the shot were some of the same people screaming at the beginning of the pandemic "I'm not getting that damn shot"! Let me guess you did your through homework and research and found out it really does stop covid, increases your chances for survival and will keep you from contracting it again, right? Well you who have are amazing, because the experts can't say these things and on the contrary the exact opposite is occurring.

Some people who have received the shot are dying! Healthy people who have no underlying health issues decided to take the shot, believing they were doing what's best for their families ended up dying. Many of the people I have seen and heard promoting the shot are out of shape, don't want to wear the mask and really don't know what the vaccine is made of. You people do know that there are people who cannot take the vaccine because of health related issues. People have the right not to get the vaccine, people are not to be taunted and made to feel like outcast for not receiving the vaccine. Now the government has you all turning on your love ones and blaming the unvaccinated for the increasing numbers of the delta variant. Never once have I heard any of you say start eating healthy, drink more water, tea and orange juice, eat seamoss, blackseed oil, spinach and take your vitamins. The reason is most of you are not doing it so you don't promote it! If you have received your vaccination that's great, but don't push it on other's.

Everyone has the right to think and feel the way they do! Now here is a third shot and booster you need to take! Hummm! Have you read up on the government agency Darpa to see how they are still trying to figure out how to defeat covid? Do you know about the sea creature (Sea Squirt) they believe that has the antibodies or something in it that may help with the science they are creating to detect it with gene editing technologies etc... It's a very interesting read. Is this a cure attempt or a way of dealing with it better? Some people who received the vaccine had to get it because of force from their employers, some doctors and nurses haven't received the shot, but I guess you all are smarter and trained better than they are. Stop bullying people, now is the time to come together and try to help each other as best we can. The unvaccinated people who are wearing their mask and following the laws are not the problem, those who are unvaccinated and refuse to wear their mask are along with the government officials who said it wasn't a problem and those who were experimenting and doing who knows what in the labs and allowed it to escape and kill millions of innocent people worldwide and that guy who was in office that undid everything that was already in place to combat and outbreak is at fault!

All I'm saying is let people do what they feel is right for them as long as they are not harming or hurting anyone. You do what's best for your family. If not we will be fighting each other over something the government dropped the ball on or was it planned? Who knows? Shout out to all the people promoting getting healthy. If they are looking to nature for the cure then? When the world was created the medicine we needed came from the earth, IJS! Some may not agree with what I said and that's okay! I didn't write this for approval, I wrote it for peace! Remember the devil is here to kill, steal and destroy! Kill your hope, steal your joy and destroy our way of life! RELATIONSHIPS! Keep it Positive!

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Jennell Purvis
Jennell Purvis
Aug 14, 2021

Love it!! The best creative writer. Your number 1 fan!! Whew Vaccinated Bullies! Good reading

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