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Today I Chill

Have you ever been running so much that by the end of the week you couldn't enjoy the weekend? We out here hustling for the people with their names on the building while they on holiday 4 out of 7 days of the week. Your legs are sore from walking around the office, running through airports, your eyes sore from following GPS in different area codes and ears tired of hearing board room talk and other so called important people barking out commands, demands and at the same time no one understands!

Day after day your routine consists of showers, picking outfits for each day, getting your haircuts, ladies getting their hair done, going over speeches and listening to bullshit! Today is going to be different though. Today I'm going to shower, indulge in a healthy breakfast, sip on a mimosa or sip on a fruit smoothie and do nothing! I know you can relate to this. For the fellas: Tonight the chill kind of goes like this. Sitting in the cave sipping on whatever the choice is, the one freshly rolled or a alpha cigar to blend with the whiskey of choice. The music has to be slow gangsta, so if you from Kansas City, Missouri you throw on that "Reserved" by Rich The Factor!

Your Lady, wife or girlfriend understands your decision to chill because she knows how stressful your week has been so she throw on something sexy and proceeded to become one with the stripper pole in the middle of the room. She understands that the need to mentally exhale has to happen, so instead of touching at the moment something good to watch will suffice.

Grown man's paradise is the scene and as time moves on my eyes began to lower, my conversation becomes of that of a relaxed mac only to arouse the drums of my ladies ears. The mood is right and we understand that now is the time to release tension from the week! You do you, we do we, but for today this is how I chill! Real fellas dig this set up and the real women do too, ya dig?

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