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Throat Goat

My how times have changed. It seems like it was only yesterday when black women swore up and down that they would never go down on a man! It was considered to be a white woman's sport, remember? Fast forward to today and nothing is sacred or secret anymore. All has changed and many would argue that it changed for the best and some would say not so much for the best. Nowadays we have black women of all shapes and sizes bragging about how great their head game is! It has went from "NO, I will never" to "If you're not sucking", you bugging!

We now live in a time where everything we do has to be shared with everyone. We live in a time were everything is a competition. The women are not only doing these things, but they are doing it for the world to see, with no shame. Some of these women are on "Only fans", getting paid to have people pay to watch them perform and some have dove right into the porn industry. The old saying "Shake what your momma gave ya" is really paying dividends big time!

Whatever happened to those days were everyone wasn't supposed to know your business? Whatever happened to being a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets in private? The ladies have degraded themselves so much that they have ran their potential positive male suitors away. No man wants a woman that is showcasing for the world to see. These women convince their girlfriends that this is the life to live, get paid while you can honey! Get this ass gimme my cash! Not knowing they are setting themselves up to not know what real love is, always having to wonder if he is just here for the throat of pleasure or really into who you are as a person. Some women don't care and that's their choice to have, but don't go bashing men for your relationship failures. Remember, you're the "Throat Goat"!

You are able to suck the soul out of a man, swallow without choking, bring tears to grown men's eyes and last but not least spit, smile and collect that cash! You are the champion of fellatio, you have your girls and everything is fine. You have convinced yourselves that you don't need a man, but in reality they don't want you! Don't get me wrong there is someone out there who will be there with you, but will he be there for you? Will he be the King you once upon a time dreamed of having?

There is nothing wrong with performing at high levels of erotic pleasure, but everything isn't for everyone. Some things need to remain a secret and everyone doesn't deserve the husband let me show you I truly love you treatment. Shit has to be earned not given away to everyone. You call yourself a Queen, but you are out here doing peasant shit! In the words of a Pastor preaching his sermon "Y'all don't here me"! You are the "Throat Goat" and everyone knows it! Your money may have went up, but your value as a true Queen has went down. I'm not knocking your hustle, I'm just asking you to think about your future! Just because men talk nice to you and smile in your face and tell you how valuable you are, and the old famous quote "Don't worry about what other people say about you , they are just jealous". Those are the very one's that will be putting your business in the streets. There are some nasty men out in the world, they want what they want and they will cheer you on and pay you to make a spectacle out of yourselves. They will bless you with the title, make you feel like your the champ and drag your name through the mud when you are not around.

Hey, if your happy with it do your thing, but there are consequences and repercussions to your actions. Some are safe if you're lucky and some are deadly so choose wisely! You can be the throat goat to your husband, that's all that matters in the end. You have a brain so use it for something more productive. You are smarter than you think and the money will come. WSY?

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