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There's no place like Home

You ever get off work, pull up in your driveway and just look at your property? You ever just sit there look around at your lawn, look at your spouses car and just think to yourself; there is no place like home? You walk up to your front door and stick your key into the keyhole and smile because you know that right on the other side of that door is peace, happiness and the person you love above all else. Once inside you look around at the furniture, you feel the warmth of the house and the smell of security fills your nostrils. You begin to take it all in and then suddenly the light of your life walks around the corner to greet you. You realize that at that moment God has blessed you with your forever, your inner and outer peace, your forever friend and lover. The star's have aligned in your favor and you at this moment are the happiest person on the planet.

You realize that in this place you call home you have absolutely no worries. You guy's greet each other with a fresh kiss that always seems like the first time and it stills sends chills racing down your body. You smile at each other like it's the first time you've ever met. Peace of mind! Your friend that you share your concerns and achievements with, the one you can just sit and talk with for hours about nothing and have the best time ever. When your spouse is talking sometimes you can finish their sentences because you two are so in tune with each other. When you guy's are out in public it seems like their is no one around because your attention is too each other. You guy's have a bond so strong that whatever obstacles try to get in your way and stunt your relationship growth is solved and cast aside never to return. This love you share is precious as you only will experience this love one time in your lifetime. You appreciate every moment with the love of your life. Truly in your hearts and minds this love is forever and forever the two of you are growing and still loving each other and experiences new things about each other.

Your minds work as one and so does your bodies as they collide like the ocean waves trying to reach the shores of satisfaction. Your hearts beat heavy, your beads of liquid bodily fluids roll down your bodies connecting you. You share thoughts of your passion as you fall asleep with a smile on your faces holding each other still and all you can think is "There is no place like home"!

Don't you love your home? Do you have a home to go to? It's not just the structure of the place you walk into it's the love, the care, the peace, the honesty, the sharing, the thoughtfulness and the trust you have for each other. Does she make your heart skip a beat every time you lay eyes on H.E.R.? Does he make you feel giggly inside when H.E. arrives? Your spiritual life partner here on earth, your positive weakness, you complete each other and there will never be another like you! This kind of love is amazing! WSY?

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