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The Time is Now

In these crazy times we are experiencing I would like to go on record to say that whenever there is a bad or uncomfortable situation being presented to us we should take the time out to focus on the good that can be created out of it. Everything is closed down and people are being forced to stay at home. There is minimal money being made and we as a people are really in the dark about what is really going on. There are so many different opinions on what is happening from the government is lying to us, there is no virus to there is a virus and take the necessary precautions and be safe. Whatever the case is there is one thing we can all do to make this time positive and productive. We spend so much time away from home working, shopping, meeting with people, making deals, playing sports, going to church and church functions and all other activities we deem important to us. We only see each other in passing and we communicate more through social media than we do face to face. We are not personal anymore and that is not good for our growth as people. Interacting with people in person is necessary.

Now that we are forced to stay at home I believe it is a really good time to start loving on your family. I think it's time to get caught up on knowing what is going on with your children, looking them in the face and just saying I love you! It's a really good time for families to pray together and get closer to God. If you think about it there is power in prayer and God wants us to have a relationship with him. Imagine if we all start praying in our homes the defeat of the devil and his worker bees would be great! It's time to get closer to God so might as well start now if you don't have a relationship with the most high. It's never too late. It's time for husbands and wives to come together to talk and relax and express how much they love each other and really get to understanding why they became this unit of love in the first place. I will help you out, it was because you fell deep in love with that person and at some point in your life you realized that you could not live without that person being in your lives. It's time to recommit to your unions and build stronger bonds with your family. This is like a fresh start for all of us

God is showing us that we all need each other. We have to look out for each other and help one another, not fight with each other. There will be some people who will not understand this and that is perfectly okay, the ignorant we will always have around us, sad but true! It is a good time to pray for strangers, homeless people, children and the elderly. Talk with your children to see what's going on in their minds in these trying times, listen to them because they have opinions and may say somethings that will help the situation. Play games and have fun, read, take naps and really begin to rest and refuel your bodies. Make plans to change things in your lives that may have been keeping you away from your families. Make changes that will allow you to spend more time with your love ones. Let's pray over those who are out there providing care for the sick.

Prayer: Father God we come to you as humble as we can to ask for your guidance as we try to figure out what is happening in this world. Lord we know that the devil is busy and we also know that through you the devil will be defeated. Father God we ask that you protect us and provide for us mentally, spiritually and physically. Lord we ask that the negatives of this world be sent to the pits of hell never to return. We ask that you Lord have your way with this world and shower us with love and understanding. Father God we ask that you arm us and protect us for we might have to fight and protect our freedom. We know that only the grace of God can get us over to the sweet side of victory! God WE come to you as our deliverer, our counselor, our guidance and our general, the love of God lives in our hearts so we fear not. We ask for your protection, we ask for your covering. Shield us from the evil ones and whatever there plan is I ask that you block it and remove it and also remove them as well. Dear Heavenly Father we say thank you in advance for the victory we are about to witness in The Mighty Name of the Most High God we say AMEN!

To all the people who are reading this, it is so and it is not over. We will be victorious and I will see you all outside soon! I truly love each and everyone of you! Stand strong!

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