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The Relationship Graveyard

The relationship graveyard, a place that seems to be filling up with people who chose to give up on love completely. A place where others around you encourage you to go. People who have been verbally, physically and emotionally abused, their love was stolen by someone who didn't really deserve to have it in the first place. The relationship graveyard, a place filled with people who feel there aren't any good people left, a place where those souls go to die alone because they don't believe love exist for them. The relationship graveyard is filled with people who gave up on themselves and found it easier to go with the crowd, to speak those negative things like "there are no good men around" or all women are hoe's"! The relationship graveyard is filled with people who have been hurt in relationships and they just don't won't to go through the pain that was caused by someone they believed in, loved with all their might and trusted. The good thing about the relationship graveyard is it doesn't have to be permanent, it is temporary if you choose to give love a second chance. Sometimes you have to go through the bad to get to the good. No one wants to go through the bad, but that's life and it happens.

I believe that the way of changing your dead ideas of relationships is to start believing that you deserve to be happy and those bad relationships were just that, bad! You have to understand that the person who brought you to this negative place is not the poster child or spokes person for all men or women. Instead of jumping right in to these new relationships get to know these people, don't cave into pressure, make them earn your love through their actions and not their mouth pieces. Don't be so quick to take advice from someone who only speaks negative and has a failing report card when it comes to relationships. Misery loves company, so if they are not happy nine times out of ten they really don't want to see you happy.

During your alone time set aside some time to think about the role you played in the relationship that failed, for some they did not do anything wrong they just hooked up with a very bad apple. If you played apart in your failed relationships change your behavior, your outlook and some of your actions to assure that the next relationship will be one of success. Most successful relationships last because they put love first, it wasn't about finances, children or what they had. They really fell in love with that person first, they had similar ideas of how they wanted their lives to be and then they committed to that person. They knew to keep outside interference outside. They communicated with each, they agreed to disagree sometimes but it never came between their love, they used words like "I'm sorry", "I love you", "Can we talk". Once they came together mentally they followed up with their physical and spiritual connection of love.

There is hope for you and sometimes you have to change where you hang out, guard yourselves a little more meaning don't be so quick to let another enter into your space. It's okay to respond to a compliment and it's also okay to give out a compliment without looking for something in return. In the end I believe your happiness truly depends on you, if you feel you deserve to be loved then I believe that you will, just proceed with caution because there are a lot of con-artist out here in the world. Don't give up on love and by all means don't give up on yourselves. The Relationship Grave yard does not need to be your permanent situation. Fight for your happiness, you deserve it! WSY

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Oct 02, 2019

The Relationship Graveyard is a powerful concept. I think that shame plays a huge part in a person dwelling in this graveyard. The shame that comes with failure in marriage is deeply internal, and if one is too busy navigating life in society, the time needed to evaluate and heal gets pushed to the back. This writing serves as a reminder to us of the importance of self love. Loving one self means that one understands his or her own imperfections. Failure is just as much a part of the journey as success. Most of us are taught through religion, that marriage is until death do you part. Statistics show us that this is an unrealistic expectation, and we should…

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