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The Mature Woman

To deal with the mentality of a more mature woman or to entertain the beauty of a younger woman. There has been times when I've heard men say they don't want anything old but their money. Why would this be the answer for most men who have been asked this question? It could be the allure of having the younger sexy eye candy on his arm, showing other men of the same older age that hey I still got it. Maybe it's the appeal of touching the more toned flesh of a younger woman. Maybe it's being able to control the younger woman mentally as she is still trying to find her way. Throughout time younger women desired to have older guy's as they say younger guy's are to childish and they are full of games and older guy's have themselves together and can match their intelligence as it has been said that women mature faster than men. If this is the case maybe it is a win win for both parties involved. No one person is taking advantage of the other.

Getting back on track the original question was what does a man prefer a younger woman or an older woman. I'm sure the answers will very from person to person but I believe that if you truly want to experience the fullness of all things woman you would have to go with the older more mature woman. At least that is how I see it. Let me explain some things that will help you to understand. The first thing you need to understand is there are some extremely beautiful older women out here in the world, some way more beautiful than their younger competitor's so to speak. They workout, eat right, take care of their business and they don't believe in wasting their time. When it comes to older women they have literally been there done that. There are some younger mature women out here in the world, but their experiences are not the same as they are still growing and meeting different types of men and they are still finding out who they are and they are figuring out things in their lives that will make them whole as an older woman. None of us are perfect and we are always learning new things about ourselves and each other, but once you reach a certain age a lot of things we once considered important no longer are, some of the things we would tolerate we no longer do and the things we come to like we have to have, no exceptions!

To me I love an older woman as she knows what she wants and she is not afraid to ask for it. She is confident in herself and she walks like the boss she is all while showing him she also needs a strong man in her life too! With a mature woman she knows how to give and receive love from her man. She at a mature age is a pleaser and she demands to be pleased. The mature woman is regal in everything she does and she brings out the best in the man she is with. The mature woman knows how to make her man crave her by the way she speaks, by the way she moves, by the way she looks at him and by the way she responds to his voice, his touch and his needs. Not taking away anything from the younger woman, but it's almost as if this mature older woman was born with this gift. This mature woman knows what her man wants as she has studied him from day one, not to control him but to know him so she knows how to cater to his needs and to bring love and comfort into his life. She also watches as he does the same things to make sure his Queen is happy in all aspects of her life.

The mature woman is a motivator in bed, she encourages longevity, passion, love and trust to her man. She knows how to bring out the beast, I'm sorry the best in her man which in turn makes for a satisfying experience for her. She is not selfish, she is a true woman! There are mature young women out there who possess some of the same qualities, but you have to be real honest with yourself and you have to truly know what you want for yourself and I believe that experience teaches you these things. Therefore, with me I choose to be with the older more mature woman.

The feedback from the men I've heard and I would like to hear more views on this as there are a lot of things left to be discussed when talking about maturity and the opposite sex. I would really love to hear how the women feel about this and the different ways maturity can reached. WSY?

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