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The beginning of Love

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog posts. My goal through this blog is to bring truth, love, joy and happiness to everyone who is reading here. I would love the positive feedback from you all and I am here to tell you that sometimes the truth hurts, but in no way will I post anything to hurt anyone. I will however bring things to the table that will make you look at yourselves if you are doing negative things to others and hopefully it will encourage change for the better. No this, every subject posted will not be about everyone, only if it applies to you.

I believe that if we all started to talk to people who look different from us, do things different from us and may believe different things we can all come to a better understanding of each other without judging. Peace and harmony should be the goal of all and I only hope that through my blogs I can help encourage these positive behaviors.

So enjoy as we begin this journey together. Peace and love to you all!

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