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Sports Family-Your Family

Being a world renowned Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Championship fan I get to sit back and focus on how this team came together as one to make the greatest thing in their lives happen, which is winning a Super Bowl! No matter what happens negative during the season those guys still believed in their goals and continued to move forward to attain their goals. The same mindset has to go in our relationships with our significant others. As we come together with a plan to play as a team or come together as a positive functioning unit in love we have to stick with our goals to achieving greatness. Sure, there will be obstacles that we will encounter, but we must be willing to face these obstacles and together come up with a plan to get over the problem(s) that are in our way. The Chiefs coach Andy Reid is the guy who leads this team and makes sure they have the proper game plans to face and defeat the opposing teams each week. If the team believes in Andy's system and then goes out and executes the plan properly then as you see they come out victorious week after week. The same goes for your marriages and relationships leading up to marriage. If you come together in love and decide that you want to take the relationship to another level you have to come up with a positive game plan and stick with it as challenges will come to throw you off course. In the case of marriages there is a coach that we refer to as a marriage or relationship counselor who has tools that you must follow to help you achieve greatness in your relationships. If you stick with the program and believe in the information given to you by the counselor your marriage or relationship can thrive and become the safest and most positive place.

As I watch the games being played I see how there are key instrumental players who each have a specific job to do in order to gain success. There is the Quarterback who distributes the ball there are receivers who catch and carry the ball down the field for positive gains and there are the linemen who protect the quarterback so he can carry out his job of distributing the ball to other players. There are also defensive players who are set in place to stop the opposing team from marching the ball down the field to score against us. In the union of two people there are two quarterbacks and each one has there on responsiblity to making their relationship great. They to sometimes have to huddle and make sure they are on the right play to make their relationship work. Instead of carrying a ball, they carry something much more important and that is the heart and love of the person they are in a relationship with. If they run into a problem and they just can't seem to get ahead on the field of love then they must come up with a different game plan and together come out and execute it to the best of their abilities to assure success. They also have a defense to stop their enemies and that is prayer and their belief in God.

Each week the football team has practice and they go over plays they believe that will help them to defeat their opponent. They completely trust one another to carry out their assignments which will lead them to victory on game day. The difference within a relationship is the game never stops. Daily you run into challenges and daily you have to know and trust that your partner will carry out their assignments of being faithful, honest and recognizing the enemy of relationship destruction and remove themselves from what can become a very toxic situation. In the mornings, during the day and at night you come together and reassure each other of the love you have for one another and discuss the trials and tribulations of the day and come up with new ways to combat the enemy or continue to keep working from the play book you are getting positive yardage from in your lives.

During halftime the teams go into the locker rooms to rest and to go over things they seen out on the field and to come up with new ways of defeating their opponents schemes to beat them. They rejuvenate with Gatorade, Water, massages and they make sure that every component of the team is functioning one hundred percent. After all is said and done they come together as one team and they perform a chant that allows everyone to understand that we are one, we are in this together and as a team we are going back out there to achieve victory over this rival of ours. The same is needed in our marriages and relationships. Our weekends can be look upon as halftimes. The weekends are the times we can get away from work and the constant hustle and bustle life gives us Monday thru Friday. We get a chance to spend quality time with each other, we get to love on one another and appreciate the quality time we spend with each other. We get a chance to heal from the week and rejuvenate because on Monday we have to get back out their and face our opponents in life. We get a chance to express our love for one another and go over our game plan to make sure we are functioning as a unit moving forward to achieving our goal of lasting forever. I would like to call that a Super Bowl of love!

In the final half of the game everything is running as planned and there is nothing the opposing team can do to stop the momentum of the Chiefs! They are focused and they have the ball moving down the field with what seems to be effortless attempts. Finally victory is reached and the celebration begins. The players realize that if we continue to play together and push and believe in each other we can win the division and ultimately the championship. Last season we witnessed what seemed to be one of the greatest journeys of a team getting to and winning a Championship. The team believed in each other so much they made sure they did everything in their powers in the off season to make sure they all stayed so they can repeat there winning journey all over again. This is the same mental attitude we must have in our relationships. No matter what obstacle is thrown in our way, together we can defeat it and enjoy the fruits of our faithful labor and there will be victory that will last your relationships and marriages for a life time. Believe in each other, push each other to be great, support one another, express your feelings and never allow anything or anyone to come between the love you guy's have for one another. You are a team and if you execute your playbook of love correctly you will be able to experience the greatest feeling ever! Winning in the game of life and love!


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