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Should I let him smash

Back in high school when boys and girls were deciding if they liked certain people there was this one question that would come up over and over again. The young ladies were talking about how long they were going to make their boyfriends wait before they have sex with them. To be honest I believe it is too early for them to have sex because they really don't know who they are, they don't know what is really going on with their bodies and their hormones are all over the place. There is a lot of responsibility that comes along with having sex. You have to think about catching a disease, getting pregnant and once you give your body to someone your mental state enters in as you believe your in love and that person is only to be with you and no one else. Of course at that age those are the last things that come to mind and for those who do think about those things they are pressured to believe that none of those negative things will happen, until they do! Some wanted to have sex because of peer pressure, some wanting to experiment to see how it felt and others thought that if I just have sex with him or her I can make them love me like I love them. Nothing can be so far from the truth in most cases.

I thought that it was kind of responsible for the young ladies back then to want to wait to see if the guy they chose was the right guy to give their bodies too, or to see if he was going to act right before giving up the goodies. I still think it was to young but they are going to do what they want to do. Now here we are as adults talking about we grown so are we going to do this or what. I guess they figure that they have been through all the B.S., I got needs you got needs let's do this. Once they have gone through with the deed they are still left feeling lonely and mentally and spiritually unsatisfied. Truth is we all want to feel loved , but sex isn't the only way to receive love. You have to really get to know a person genuinely before sex is even an option. The need to fill the lonely void get's a lot of us in trouble as we think it is sex that we want, but it really is security, love, trust, respect, compassion, loyalty and a list of other positive things that come along within a great relationship. Sex is a bonus shared by two people who truly love each other. It's an expression of how we feel about one another. Where we go wrong is that we put sex first and everything else second.

Should I let him smash? A question you all ready know the answer too, but make the decision to do it anyway as a way to keep a guy around. Time has been proven that this doesn't work, it only leaves you heartbroken and feeling used. Some believe that if I don't let him smash then someone else will. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe that wasn't the one for you. You are more than just a nice piece, you are a goddess and until you start believing in who you are you will continue to keep doing the same negative things that bring you the same negative results. We all have our sexual desires, wants and needs but at what cost are we willing to slide our morals to the side to get that temporary fix of great sex? Besides without the mental and the spiritual the physical is incomplete and you are cheating yourself of the greatest bond that could have ever been. So the question again is "Should I let him smash", I say that is an individual question that each one of you has to ask yourselves. Nine times out of ten he is not asking himself a thing, he is all in! Do you want temporary or do you want forever happy? Men go through these things as well, but to keep up with appearances of masculinity we fail and go along with what was taught to most of us, conquer as much sex as possible. In the end men get and feel lonely too. We all have to be honest in what it is that we want from one another. Honest communication can make the biggest difference and then we will realize that we all or we both want the same things when it comes to relationships. WSY

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