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She wants more verbal action during sex

The women have spoken and the conversations were really interesting when asked what do women want more of during sex. The answer's varied from more foreplay to lasting longer to paying more attention to the things she likes as opposed to only being caught up in the things that help the guy reach that oh so wonderful orgasmic pleasure for him. We as adults should know that some women may need a little more attention to get to that place of pleasure, so a man who sets out to satisfy his woman knows that if he pays attention to what she likes and listens to her voice as well as her body they both can achieve that electrifying feeling of orgasmic freedom, preferably at the same time! Yes!

There was this one thing that caught my attention and I found out that there were many women who said they want their men to be more verbal in the bedroom. So I asked that outside of the same "Who's is it", "do you like that", say my name bullsh*t what is it that you would like for him to say? Some ladies responded that if my man would just say those things it would be a start! Some said I want him to encourage me to give more and let me know that he is enjoying what I am giving him. There were some who were down right nasty with it, but no disrespectful name calling would be allowed. That I understood as we all know that you don't have to be disrespectful to be a little naughty or even kinky!

The evolution of sex has allowed a lot of things to change when it comes to men and women and what their wants and needs are when it comes to sex. Women will let you know what it is that they crave, what the want from their man and how they want it. I really love that in a woman! Mature men know that pleasing their women is one of the most exciting and most accomplished thing you can do for your lady. It's not all about us and when we put it down in the bedroom best believe she is going to do the same, and there is nothing like a woman giving her all to let you know she loves you! So I let the women know that there are many reasons that some men do not talk during sex. Some of the reasons are they just don't know what to say, but if you have a man that is not full of pride and really wants to please his woman this is something you two can talk about and the sexual verbal shower will began to reign down on you. Then there is the guy who has to concentrate, because if he doesn't you're going to be in for a quick night and you don't want that do you? Lol! That one may need more than just a conversation, but together in love you two can work on it and maybe it can get better or maybe you just need to let him concentrate. You have those guys who think that treating their women like bulls in the rodeo, smacking that ass to hard , pulling her hair to hard and using words that is really not sexy or appealing to anyone. There definitely needs to be some counseling, training and prayer for that one. There are so many different reasons why a man isn't to verbal in the bedroom, but it can be fixed with gentle conversation and encouragement.

Let your woman know that you are really enjoying her body, believe it or not men some of these women like it a little ruff, emphasis on a little ruff not an all out assault. Women love to talk, scream, breathe heavy, get spanked, hair pulled, nibbled on, wrestle a little and a little naughty conversation doesn't hurt at all! Some women like to be told what you are about to do to them, that turns them on, but by all means don't start talking shit and you can't back it up! Epic fail! Whisper her name from time to time, that let's her know you are completely in to her, don't ask her who's is it, it's hers and she loves you enough to share it with you. Her gift of love to the man she loves. Now don't get me wrong some women love that and will tell you it's yours because that stroke game is like none other, ya feel me? Be encouraging to her as well, let her know that her wet cave of ultimate pleasure is amazing, let her know that you appreciate every curve on her body, compliment the way she looks, the way you move your body speaks to her as well. She is not asking you for a full blown conversation, she just wants some verbal sexual interaction/stimulation that is going to take the moment to the next level.

The way a woman thinks is amazing when it comes to sex. It is the effort a man puts into his woman that she appreciates the most. You don't have to be the magician of love, but if you are willing to learn what turns your woman on the heights of sexual bliss will have your mind blown. It's all about pleasing each other in every way that you two agree upon! Experiment with your word play and trust me she will let you know if she likes it or not! Fellas your mature woman is freaker than you think, you just have to bring it out of her and trust me she doesn't mind helping you do it! I wrote this because it was a conversation brought about by the ladies, but the same applies to the ladies as well. This is a give and take thing, if we both or giving and taking we are both achieving some electrical orgasmic feelings that either one of us can wait to get back to tomorrow, or maybe the next day because you know you have to get that rest in and that energy back up.

Oh yeah ladies, some of you are too busy screaming and making noise that some men don't talk because they don't know if you are going to hear them or not! Lol! So they keep on stroking because your screaming is a confidence booster for them! Enjoy the ride! WSY?

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