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She loves it and Approves

Women love a well groomed man, one who is in touch with how he looks. Women love a man who is aware of who he is inside and out. Women love men who takes care of their feet and hands, they don't like men with super soft hands as that is an indication that he may not know anything about rugged activities such as yard work, fixing things around the house, basic maintenance on cars etc... Women want a man with a little ruggedness in his hands and a little ruggedness in his soul! A confident man, not arrogant drives women crazy! Self-assured men know who they are and they are not afraid to show it. They take chances and it shows the ladies he may be able to protect them in times of negativity. No woman wants a weak man, respectful, caring and well mannered yes!

When it comes to the dress code of a man women love to see that a guy knows how to put himself together, coordinate the right pieces to create the well dressed man. The colors, the cut, the matching and sometimes the edgy way a man puts his clothing together shows a woman that this man pays attention to detail, he knows balance, he cares about how he presents himself to the world. This type of guy demands respect and women love the alpha male, again confident not arrogant! The man's shoe game has got to be on point as women look at men from the top to the bottom, don't think they are not looking because they are. The shoe game as well as the right accessories are important as they show again balance, attention to detail and it sets him apart from other guy's and it brings the clothing to a whole new fashion level.

Women are interested in what a man has to say, how he delivers, how he is looking at her. She is paying attention to how he thinks and above all else, does his breathe smell good! If you approach with stank breath you have just struck out my friend. Outside of a well shaven head, well lined, faded, braided or loc'd hairstyle women love a crispy lined well groomed beard! Thy don't like the patchy beards but they have to understand that you have to go through the bad stages to get to the positive outcome of having a soft, clean and manageable well cared for beard. Last but not least a woman loves a man who smells good, outside of the male's natural scent a woman can not contain herself when a brotha slides past smelling like Heaven. It's something about the smell of a man that can have a woman acting not like herself at times. She inhales, and she tries to keep the scent in as long as she can hold it. The natural oils, colognes and soaps make her want to cuddle, kiss and stay next to the guy that is in her presence. She may not show it because she has to remain lady like, but in her mind she wants to tear your clothes off and have her way with you! The smell of a well dressed confident man will have a woman not knowing what to do with herself. Her knees get a little weak, her breathing increases a bit, her facial expression changes to a look of "I want that", but the inner strength in some women is so strong you would have no idea that she is really being a naughty girl in her mind. She has to remain a lady at all times, she can't come off as too easy!

Ahhh yes the woman, Gods gift to men! She loves all these things about a man, so with that being said that should help some guy's in the presentation department when you know you are going to be around women. You should care about how you look anyway. Every time you walk out of the house you are on stage whether it's going to the grocery store, work or out on the town. Just represent yourself! She is watching! Ladies is this true? WSY?

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