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Sexual Comparisons

Once you enter into a new relationship your goal for that new person in your life is to make them happy in every aspect of their lives. Everything is going well, the conversations are great, you spend countless hours on the phone, you think about them all the time when they are not around and this new love is so much better than any other that you have encountered before. As time moves along you come to learn that you both have so much in common. You love the same types of food, you guys are into staying fit, you guys love to go out and have a great time dancing, hanging out with friends and just enjoying being around each other. This is the relationship you have always dreamed of.

The time has now come to physically express to each other how much you really love one another and once into it you realize that this sexual encounter is not fulfilling. You begin to wonder what is wrong? You start to rack your brain trying to make sense of what just happened. Our bodies were not in sync, He wasn't hitting my spot, she wasn't matching my energy. You are both wondering why the sex wasn't great as expected. You guy's really want to be together but there is a sexual misfiring. Out of respect you both say nothing and pretend that everything is okay. Maybe it was because it was the first time and you both were somewhat nervous. As time goes by your physical expressions of love gets no better. What's wrong? Why can't we get this thing right? Over time you both keep your unsatisfied thoughts to yourselves.

Often times in sexual relationships people tend to do the same things they did in past relationships. Sometimes it's okay and sometimes it is not. You see what works sexually for one person does not necessarily work for someone else. Everyone is different and they require different things to bring them sexual satisfaction and ultimately that mind blowing thing that leaves you in a state of sexual euphoria.

The key to making each other happy sexually is to communicate. You both have to let each other know what makes you happy. There is no need to be embarrassed about telling someone what makes you happy. This has nothing to do with not knowing what to do sexually, it has everything to do with knowing your partner. What made your partner(s) in the past happy and excited may not do it for the new love of your life. Be open to new things and be open to following directions. You may find out that those new things you have just learned could also bring sexual delight to you as well. Be adventurous, it's okay to let someone else take the lead from time to time. Come here and let me show you how I like it! WSY

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Oct 03, 2019

Sexual Comparisons...perfectly stated! So, so true. I love it!

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