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Quarantine Love

You know there is nothing like hanging out doing nothing with the one you love and nowadays we are being forced to be around those we dedicated our lives too. We have now enter into what some would call a test of true love. Can you really be able to be around the person you claimed to love 24 hours a day? The easy answer should be yes and for most couples it is a dream come true to not have to go to work and just be able to sit around eat snacks, watch television, roll up in your blankets and just love on one another.

Today in Kansas City it is rainy and cold, everyone is on Quarantine except for essential workers and it's Easter Sunday. What a great day to wake up to a hot cup of coffee or tea, give praise to the most high God in your pajamas, eat breakfast and chill with that special someone in your life. Sharing stories of things that made you laugh and things that made you cry, getting to recommit to one another is a blessing we must take advantage of while we are forced to be still. Sunday is a great day to love on one another in the comfort of your own home. She looks at you with the greatest of admiration and he looks at you with nothing but love in his heart for you. A shared kiss, a touch of care and a hug that says I love you. There is no one I would rather be with and I remember why I fell in love with you. In the arms of the one you love feels safe. He doesn't have to shave today and she doesn't have to do her hair, it's just us raw and uncut and enjoying our natural selves. Is this you at this moment?

As you look out the window the wet look of natural beauty is all you see, no cars, no people, just you and the love of your life and nature as it was intended to be, untouched! The laziest of days can be the greatest of days when you are with the one you love. Today is a great day to compliment your woman and tell her how beautiful you really think she is. It's also a great time to tell your man how handsome you think he really is. Take advantage of the time you have with each other, enjoy each others company, pray together, reconnect with each other and reflect on the things that make you both happy and promise to always be there for one another and no matter what promise to love one another.

The days of the Quarantine are blessings to those who recognize that it is a time to reset and discuss how you are going to love each other from this day forward. Love is in the air so take advantage of it! Make love not war! We are truly all we got! Good day to each of you.

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