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Pet Names

The way a person says your name can send chills down your spine. Calling on the person you love is like music to their ears. You can hear the love in their voice, the appreciation of you being there and the need of having you around. The tones of love coming from your lovers voice is so heart warming and irresistible. Just hearing your name sends a signal that says come here, I need you, I want you, I love you and your mine! When you make eye contact with the person your in love with and you speak their name it sends them into an erotic state. When a woman calls your name out in love it is everything, when a man calls out your name in love it means security. Do you agree?

The next level of hearing your name comes in the form of "Pet Names"! Pet names are the utmost in showing love, support and respect for each other. Pet names are soft and heart felt, it means you have my heart and I truly love everything about you. You are the only one for me and every time I lay eyes on you I am in awe that you are mine. The shortening of your name, the continuation of what your family calls you, calling you something that resembles your look or your actions is all done with love. Pet names have a tendency to soften even the toughest of folks. Pet names make grown men look at their woman differently and it makes them feel assured. Pet names make women feel adorned.

I love you boo! I love you bae! Words of comfort as we just sit back and watch television in each others arms. Pet names are like confirmation that states I love you. As adults we need to do things with and to each other that will allow us to forget about the challenges we face outside of the home. We need more playful things in our lives that let's us know that no matter how hard or difficult life gets we have each other and there is nothing that will ever change the way I feel about you and us. together we are strong and we are one. Pet names are another expression of love, it's the small things that mean the most at times. Do you and your lover have pet names for each other? It's much more fun when the pet names come out of nowhere and it fits. It's that organic show of love. Keep on loving one another and don't forget, when you are showing love to each other if you have children they are watching and learning! Have fun and make every moment count! This is the season of love! Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!

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Kimi Sung
Kimi Sung
Dec 09, 2019

Pet names let’s each other know that we have something private and special between each other that no one else shares. And, they are fun!😊

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