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Passion Marks

The marks that lets everyone know that you have been engaging in some very intense sexual activities. You were lost in the moment and you knowingly and unknowingly left the marks of extreme appreciation. The reason I say unknowingly is because sometimes you are so caught up in what is going on you don't even remember focusing on the neck, chest, arm or whatever body part your mouth could get a hold of at that moment. When you see these marks on a person it's okay to assume that they really enjoyed it!

Let's travel back into time and talk about what passion marks meant to some people. Let's talk about those who claimed to be single to the world but was somewhat exclusive with someone. Okay we will call them "those who were trying to be slick"! They wanted to do everybody, but the person they were so called in a relationship with they didn't want them to be involved with anyone else. These were the behaviors of teenagers and those young adults who were trying to find themselves and control other's.

Women have this thing called "Intuition", it's almost as if they know when your lying about your situation. So in the midst of engaging in sexual activities they purposely send you along with the mark of passion, letting your significant other know you have been naughty with someone other than them, hoping to ruin your relationship with the other person. Men were the same way, but they would send the female away with the mark letting the other guy know I don't care if she is your girl "I had her too"! So childish wouldn't you say? These were the things going on in our youth, when we were trying to control situations or people. Remember trying to get rid of the marks with combs, ice, heat or whatever your friend told you would work to get rid of the mark quickly. You didn't want others to know what you were doing and you didn't want your parents to know you were sexually active! You remember!

So what does it mean as an adult? As adults people tend to be slightly embarrassed when their co-workers notice the passion mark. It gives them a feeling of it being unprofessional or I don't want people judging me because I enjoyed my night. As adults everyone has sex with their significant other's or who ever they want to be with so do you really care what others think about you? Is it still embarrassing to have it? Do you still get so caught up in your moments of passion that the expression of passion marks are apart of your interaction with your mate. I heard grown folks say it's so childish and I've heard grown folks say they are okay with it as it is apart of our feelings of love. There are still those out here playing games as grown folks, marking territory and hoping to sabotage the relationships of others.

I believe that it is okay for two people in love to do whatever they want while in the act of love making as long as it doesn't hurt or harm you physically or mentally. Is it necessary? Is it okay to leave a reminder of the great time we had? Every time you look at the temporary mark of passion it brings a naughty smile to your face and takes you back to that time. Do we as adults stop doing things because they are considered childish or is it okay to continue to free yourself totally with your significant other. Your older now, what do you have to hide. You are sexually active so what is the big deal? Maybe leaving it somewhere other than the neck will be more appropriate? Wink! Go ahead and smile, I know I just took some of you back into time. WSY?

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Kimi Sung
Kimi Sung
Dec 22, 2019

Quite the topic for a Sunday morning. Lol! Guess some people had a great Saturday night.😊 As for myself, I read this thinking, “Dang, I lived a boring life, for I cannot relate to these activities as a teenager”. As an adult, the part about stepping out and not getting caught with a passion mark, or leaving one on a man so that his significant other finds it, I also cannot relate. I definitely feel you on two people being free to do whatever they desire sexually with their significant other, though. That’s what’s wonderful about being in committed relationships. There is a security in it that provides the two people the ability to be totally free!

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