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Open Relationships

Could this be the new norm? I've talked with some people who said they would consider doing it and I know some who are doing it and then there are those who have said hell to the naw! For many different reasons people are getting involved in this type of consenting entanglement. The reasons why is what has been discussed the most. I often wondered if it was because the two involved decided that they knew they could not control their urges to want others? Was it the fact that while in the relationship one of the parties involved found out that the other was cheating and wasn't going to quit, so they decided that instead of leaving the relationship they too would reap the benefits of an open relationship.

Are there rules to this verbal agreement of consenting infidelity? What if feelings get involved, because no matter what you agree upon and no matter how many rules you establish there is the possibility of feelings getting involved! Is safe sex always practiced? Are there certain things you cannot do? Is kissing allowed and how about discussions about your real relationship? We all know that listening and being attentive to one's wants and needs can lead to feelings of love. I honestly don't believe this is for everyone and I'm sure most of you would agree, right?

Can you really have an honest open relationship and can you really say that you fully trust the person you are with? Yes, you can trust they are spending time with someone else, but is that time spent better or more enjoyable for them? Do you really get the sexual satisfaction from your mate after you all have began the open relationship? I know there will be new things brought to the bedroom to spice it up some more, but what if he or she can't make you feel like the other person made you feel? What if you start thinking about the other person more than the person you vowed to spend your life with?

We all know that there is always someone willing to do more than you, go further sexually than you, can do things to your body and mind that will make you feel like the universe has blessed every nerve ending in your body causing you to orgasm mentally, physically and spiritually! Are you strong enough to experience this kind of pleasure and go back to your mate and truly appreciate them and never go back to that place of pleasure again? Can you really? You know you can never go back because that will destroy your physical connection with the one you claimed to love, because you will always secretly crave that passion! That would be a soul tie that you could never get rid of!

Are you really ready for the open game, because like jail it's easy to get in, but hard as hell to get out. What kind of constant mind frame does one have to be in to stay in an open relationship? Would you ever be able to enter back into a faithful one on one relationship and not feel the need to explore? Pandora's box has been opened wide, can you close it and throw it away for good? How do you feel kissing and being intimate with your spouse or significant other after the fact? Isn't true love between two people who committed to each other supposed to be selfish? Aren't you supposed to have the feeling of " I don't want anyone looking, touching, talking or for God's sake having sex with the love of your lives? I'm not for or against it as I believe that there are somethings and situations that work for some, but not for others. How do you set your heart, mind and body to go this route? So is it like cheating in each other's face as opposed to behind your back? Do you really feel better knowing what's going on?

A person I know who is in an open relationship came to me not knowing I was writing this piece and said, I just threw my husband out of the house because he was cheating on me. He went outside of the agreement and he didn't consult or include me. There is a saying that goes, be careful of what you ask for! What do you guy's think? Can you handle it or nah? WSY?

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Jennell Purvis
Jennell Purvis
Jun 14, 2021

There’s no one point in my option due to my up bringing., raised to be a lady as I will remain as one, Yes I have my Christ like beliefs that plays apart, beside I refuse to share my man or myself call me greedy! (Shrugs) Generally, people enter open relationships because they think it’s going to bring them more pleasure, joy, love, satisfaction, orgasms, excitement, or some combination of those. I'm not with passing fluid bonding with different men. Nasty! Usually, folks in open relationships don’t feel like their current relationship is structure is a hardwired part of who they are!! There's so much negotiation , who has time for all that! Even if you're super open-minded, accepting, a…

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