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Netflix and Chill

The relationships between men and women have changed over time. The value of what our existence is with each other has falling to the way side so to speak. The ability to respect each other is no longer a priority with one another. Since when did watching a movie and hanging out with the love of your life become a time where we have stipulations attached to it? Since when did spending time with the man or woman you care about come with stipulations? Someone has turned a time of enjoying a movie, having conversations and just enjoying each others company into a time of lust with no type of commitment or longevity attached to it. We don't value our time with each other like we are supposed too. Don't get me wrong, we are all grown folks and we do as we please, but there comes a time when we should respect and value the company we keep. Everything we do should not have some sort of string attached to it, sometimes we need to hear each other without touching. I believe we should be getting to know each other in our alone times and come together in love and not just lust.

Society has shown us that nowadays sex should be the ultimate goal and not relationship longevity. Whatever happened to falling in love with the person as a whole individual? Whatever happened to loving the way he or she smiles, loving the way he or she looks at you? Whatever happened to the thought of falling in love in hopes of getting married and having a healthy family? Those things were pure and needed, those things are still pure and needed. I believe those things still exist, but the negative perception of getting your rocks off is more promoted than anything else these days. How about taking some time out to cuddle with your man or woman, appreciating everything about him or her? How about discussing the movie and really take it in instead of using it as an easy intro into having sex?

Yes, I know she is fine and he is good looking too. I never told you to not do what you want to do because again we are all adults here. I'm just saying don't allow your quality time to always be cheap. Sometimes just take in the blessing that you are able to spend time with this person, enjoy her smell, enjoy his smile, enjoy the fact that he or she agreed to let you be the one to come over and chill! Sometimes when there are no expectations the chill part of the evening becomes more relaxing. I know someone is reading this and saying man that's corny, but as you get older you will begin to appreciate the finer things in life and you realize that happiness doesn't begin and end under your belt. Happiness is having that one to spend time with you and enjoy their company, sometimes just being able to hold the one you love is all you need. A simple kiss, a holding of the hand, just saying I missed you today or saying nothing just looking into each other's eyes and hugging them is all you need. Netflix and chill can be whatever you two want it to be, just remember the sex is just an extension of the love you have already created and it makes the connection so much better than just being a booty call! WSY

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