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The ability to strip all the way down to who you really are. The ability to not lie, to not cheat on anything or anyone. Naked, no filters! No wigs, no makeup, no eye lashes, no weave, no spanks, no fake nails, no fake booty, no fake breast, just you! Naked, no fake beard, no fake wave caps, no fake locs, no fake chest and abs, no Viagra, no lies, no phony or fake actions.

Being just who you are without any type of enhancement is what we long to see, at least that is what we say. No competition, no keeping up with others, just the original you! You in your natural state is the best presentation to the world. Tell me who you really are, what you really like, what you really want with me? Naked, you said you wanted a real man. Well here he is, hard working, polite, accommodating, fun and only cares about the happiness you two have. Naked, you said you wanted a real woman. Well here she is, honest, naturally beautiful, smiles at the sight of you, supportive and uplifting not worried about the competition because you two have an unbreakable bond. You two have a promise, a commitment to be with only each other. Through it all you are there for each other, never to go astray.

Naked, the ability to be so honest there is no room for doubt. Naked, like being new born. Innocent and loyal to the person you spend the most time with, learning there ways, their behaviors, feeling safe when they are around. Naked, like the air blowing on your skin while wet gives you goosebumps when you lay eyes on the one you love! Naked, while appreciating the organic ways of love making sending you both into a place far beyond imagination.

Coming together in a state of spiritual union, a connection sealed by the Most High God can't be broken, it can only be Naked! Do you have this in your life? After reading about it, don't you want to experience it just once in your life? WSY?

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Kimi Sung
Kimi Sung
Jan 05, 2020


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