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Murder is not Entertainment

This one here is going to be a doozy! Why you ask? Because I shouldn't have to be writing about things of this nature. The ignorance and stupidity that is being displayed on our streets is at an all time high! It's like people are being led by the blind and the ability to do the right things just doesn't exist anymore. What are you doing to yourselves people? The priorities of these people have been lost or never have been taught and cultivated.

You see I was raised in a time when black people cared for other black people. Don't get me wrong, there were fights and disagreements in the neighborhoods, but you did live to see another day. My how times have changed. We used to get our asses whooped by our parents and our neighbors because they were a village and they actually cared for us and our well being. We were taught to fight with these hands and to keep fighting until we won. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not, but we lived! More times than not those we fought against became our best of friends over time. I love those days and I wouldn't change it for nothing. We were taught how to cut grass, shovel snow, show respect to our elders, we played outside and we traveled to other neighborhoods to battle in football and basketball, not to kill each other. By the time we all arrived in high school we knew each other and we went to war on the track, the football and baseball fields and on the basketball court and we came together in the neighborhoods to talk trash about how we beat up on our athletic opponents. We would have some great laughs and some great stories to talk about and it was all love. No guns, no killings! We were just being children,

Nowadays it seems that every time I log onto social media someone is dying in a senseless case of I don't like you or you messing around with my girl or I rap better than you etc... Let me help those who don't know or have never been told, there are more girls out there in the world, you don't have to like everyone you come across and there is someone out here in the world who may be better than you at whatever it is that you are doing, and when all is said and done there is nothing worth killing another for. With as much disrespect we receive from other folks we can't afford to be killing our future leaders, husbands, wives, doctors, lawyers, investors and change agents God has put on this earth to make a difference. We are here to help each other not to put in hurt, harm or danger. There is enough money to go around for everyone, You have no business fighting over territory you don't own. We are supposed to be coming together for the greater good of our communities, yet you tear our neighborhoods down, you disrespect your elders, you call your future Queens bitches and future Kings niggas! You act like animals and wonder why other people treat you as such. We have to do better or we will end up back at square one with nothing, not even each other. Stop the madness!

The cell phone which could be used to catch the shooter is now used to video the person with their brains leaking on the ground, the dead leaning over in the seat of their vehicle along with other horrific scenes of us killing each other. Anything for more likes on social media. Parents have to learn of their children's death on Facebook because someone thought it was cute to blast it all over social media. Damn! Is this what our ancestors were fighting for? To get us to a place of stupidity, to get us to a place were we hate ourselves and others so much losing your life means nothing and taking a life means nothing as well? I guess the sporting events are not exciting enough anymore? I guess a good movie isn't good enough anymore, I guess spending time with the male or female you love paying them compliments isn't cool anymore. So are you now reduced to showing your ass on social media for likes? To the ladies, you are beautiful and we men love looking at you but if twerking is all you have to offer then good luck finding that guy who you want to respect you and love you! Fellas if all you have to offer is guns, weed, dope dealing, and showing how physically tough you are then good luck finding a good woman of substance!

Murder should not be something we have to speak about on a daily basis in our communities! We are worth so much more. The brightest people you will ever meet are the ones living in your neighborhoods. The key word in that sentence is "LIVING"! Keeping it a buck, I would like to see our people thrive and become whatever it was you dreamed about becoming as a child. I would like to see us helping each other and not trying to take advantage of each other. I would like to see my people "Black People" smile at each other and not stare with intimidating intent! I would like to see less negative images on social media and more positive images. Murder and mayhem should not be glamourized. When someone gets murdered in our neighborhoods we all lose. How angry do you have to be to take another persons life? There really has to be a chemical imbalance in the head of that person. Could it be drug induced, could it be a very tragic childhood, could it be peer pressure? Whatever the case may be it's not normal, it's not necessary and it's not what we as a community should be enduring on a daily basis.

Let's get back to real entertainment and leave the stupidity behind. We all we got and we have a whole lot of living to do and we have so many goals to reach, walls to break through and mountains to climb! We need our soldiers, but we don't need them killing each other. Where is the logic in that? I'm loving on you all through my writing and I ask that you all stop the negative things that you are doing before we no longer have you here among us. WSY? RELATIONSHIPS! Keep it Positive!

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