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Men Sh*t (women want to know)

I'm going to start this one out by saying yep, he thought that, he did that, he felt that! This is some things that women often wondered about but most could never get a straight answer from the men in their lives. The male ego has to stay in tact at all times. He can never show signs of what he was taught to be weakness. Therefore the communication between men and women can be confusing at times because there will be a lot of beating around the bush trying to get away from the subject at hand so (WE) the men don't have to answer. There have been times when men have tried to express what is on their minds and the women in their lives told them to man up instead of listening. The women did this because they too have been taught what false masculinity looks like.

You ever wonder what goes through a man's mind when he is about to explore new coochie? For some men it's nothing more than, I've been waiting to tap this ass for a long time. Once it's done and the noise has been made and every position has been tried everything is cool! He can stick his chest out go brag to his friends about how he beat it up and everything is everything. Now there are some men out here who act like getting this new coochie is just another conquest, but really what is going through his mind

is, I hope she likes it, I hope I'm big enough and some even have a pep talk with they shaft of pleasure saying things like, boy you better be on your "A" game, don't let me down and let's knock this a*s out the box among other things. So being honest, yeah some men get nervous when it's time to show and prove!

Do you ever wonder what men say about women when they are discussing women in the barbershop? Well believe it or not it's not always about you, but when it is it is! Men discuss the same things you all talk about. Men talk about how this certain chick has been sleeping around with men in the town, basically this is letting anybody in ears reach know that if you plan on knocking the boots, DON'T MAKE LOVE TO IT, JUST BEAT IT UP AND GO ABOUT YOUR WAY! Before a man proceeds to court and try to make a woman his priority he has to know about her history. Yeah we all have a past, but for men we don't want to wife up what we consider community property. Crazy huh? This is crazy because we all have a past and we men have been community property for a long time, but when it comes to women somehow it's different! Go figure! No one wants to show up at the barbeque with a female that everyone at the que has smashed. I know I know women don't want that shit either. Men at the barbershop also give out major props to the women they know are handling their business and sometimes, yeah men play match maker and try to hook they boy's up with good women because they feel they make a good pair or they just simply give her kudos!

Men have discussions about the women in their lives just like the women, except when it comes to how well they perform in bed you don't get the 411 on wives and girlfriends, that goes against the code. Wives and significant others are not to be discussed in that manner. What can be discussed is what makes a man upset in his relationship and how she needs to understand some of his needs and wants. What happens next is a group comparison of how each of their women act's the same way and how much they need to understand what is being said so we can have a smooth ride in this relationship. Now we know this isn't going to happen all the time but just maybe we can get to a happy medium. Ladies, believe it or not directly and indirectly men will let each other know that they love their wives and there is no other for them. You are the ones in our lives that makes us want to do things the right way! Let me back up a bit, if a woman is not giving her dude brain we are going to hear about that! We are all adults and we love partaking in receiving and giving a little oral pleasure so it's brought up because men need answers! This is like a 911 emergency! How in the hell do I get her to indulge and where in the hell did she come from? Lol! Maybe the question should be what was you all doing before you became an exclusive item? That's a whole other story!!! Damn! Can we take a moment of silence for those who are not receiving!

Women talk about the man's penis, is it long, short, fat, skinny, Men talk about the woman's vagina, is it wet, dry, shaved, tight or floppy. Women ask if it was good, did he make you scream, did it last a long time. Men ask can she work it, was she a freak. Women ask if you are going to do it again, men say I can't wait to tap that ass again. They both talk about how the head game was! The conversations are similar because the interest is the same, basically did he or she satisfy your naughty cravings!

I rarely hear men talk about what his women is bringing to the table, usually that is because women are pretty much handling their business financially, but if you are a girlfriend, or have potential to be the main squeeze believe me you are being watched like a hawk! You are being watched for the same reasons you are watching us men. You want stability, security and above all else you want someone to give it to you right, just how you like it! Men want the same things, he wants to know for sure that without a doubt his woman has his back, is looking out for his best interest and by all means giving him that good good on a regular. He wants wifey material and she wants hubby material and together they want a healthy happy family!

We all want the same things we just express it in what seems to be different languages sometimes. We have to learn to communicate without being made to feel less than or weak. We have to listen and sometimes respond with positive action so that we both can enjoy this relationship. You are never to old to learn new things and if we are open to listen, learn and execute we all can cum together for the greater good of our relationships! Ooops! I meant come together for the greater good! Ya feel me? No I will not be apologizing for that word play as we are all adults and we need to giggle from time to time. Men and women want the same things. Okay let me say mature men and women want the same things and if we just learn to speak to each other with positive intentions I guarantee the results you were looking for will come. Remember when you are coming together for the first time it may not be that great, but with time and all the nervousness is gone and you get to know one another strap on because the good times are about to roll, in most cases! Some may not work out and you just have to walk away and be okay with that! Lol! In the end we are all here to do one thing and that is to take care of each other. We are all we got! If all else fails give it to God and keep moving! WSY? RELATIONSHIPS! Keep it Positive!

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