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Manscaping, Are you Down?

There has been a lot of conversations surrounding the shaving of a man's pubic hairs. Some men say hell naw I'm not shaving my pub's, that's for women to do. Some men see it as a metro sexual act and believe it leans toward the feminine side of the non masculine spectrum. Let's dig into why this has become a popular subject and why more women suggest their men shave down there. Men and women alike are really into pleasing their mates and part of that pleasing is going down town on the ones they love.

There are several reasons to why women prefer their guy to go hairless down there. For some women they believe that it makes the man's manhood look bigger! Some women don't want to be bothered with pubic hairs sliding into their mouths as they are pleasing their guy! The act of sloppy toppy should not be interrupted by loose hairs on her tongue or the fact that the hair could slide down causing a gagging or coughing effect, that's not sexy! They also say that by removing the hair it keeps that area free from unwanted smells. I always say if you practice good hygiene then you wouldn't have to worry about it. There are some guys who prefer to have their slice of Heaven shaved, no interruptions just straight to the pudding! Now don't get me wrong, their are also those who really like trekking through the jungle, parting the soft moist fibers to get to her sweet spot, and she can't get enough of the masculine jungle rubbing up against her cheeks while in action. Right now I believe their is someone reading this and they are shaking their heads like I can't believe I'm reading this, but I can't stop because I like it and it is so true. It's okay your at home we can't see you!

Some women have said that they love a well shaven man and that if he is shaven he will receive more pleasure from her. Knowing this some men will shave and do whatever it takes to get the sexual fruits of H.E.R. labor. So the question to the fellas is: If your woman ask you to shave are you willing to do it to satisfy her need or are you so masculine that you say no and pass on what could be the time of your life? Ladies, do you prefer your man shaven or would you prefer the all natural private jungle? Are some of you afraid to tell your man that you want him to Manscape? I say to each his own, but variety is the spice of life! Oh yeah, they say that some kit's comes with oil and moisturizer so you won't be itching once the hairs start to grow back! Nothing like scratching your private area in public, looks like you are carrying around some unwanted friends. ya dig?

So what do you think? This is an old topic for some but a new increasing topic for those who are new to this and for some who just don't think outside the box. It's okay because now you know, after all we are all adults here and we can talk about anything right? WSY? Happy Shaving bruh!

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