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Magic Stick

A hot topic going on right now with the ladies. Who has it and who does not possess the magic to captivate their women. I hear ladies talking and the ability to be able to satisfy a woman isn't necessarily about how big a man's package is, but how well he knows how to use what he is blessed with. There are a lot of men who believe they carry the "Magic Stick", most brag because of their size and some because the woman make noises and acts a certain way while they are being intimate. There are women who are not being satisfied with their spouses, but in order to maintain peace in the relationship would dare not mention this to their guy's, so they stay quiet keeping his ego in tact and as a result nothing changes, so sad!

Communication comes in many forms and in order to make positive changes in anything there has to be honest verbal communication. When it comes to expressing the performance of a man's penis it could be damaging because let's keep it real, no man wants to hear that he isn't good in the sack! Truth is it doesn't mean that you are a bad performer, sometimes it means you have to just listen to your partner and let her guide you through the things that make her happy. With the right instructions and willingness to listen to your ladies verbal wants and needs as well as her body and your ability to perfect what your partner wants, you could become the owner of the so-called "Magic Stick"! When it comes to love making it's not all about what you as an individual desires, it's about what "WE" want as a unit in our love making sessions. So ladies that means the same goes for you as well. Constructive criticism has never hurt anyone who knows how to listen with an open mind, but it has turned negative situations into changes of everlasting positivity.

The "Magic Stick"! The manly tool used to physically show a woman how much he loves her! The art of using your penis to control your ladies mind, body and soul, the ability to make her reach for shit that isn't there because of the pleasure you are bringing her. To move in sync with your partner so much that it brings her to a speechless state. The "Magic Stick" can bring your lady to a place of so much joy that she begins to cry, shake, encourage you not to stop among many other things that help the two of you reach a place of passion only God could explain. The "Magic Stick" can make a woman do foolish things because in her mind this man is her very own personal magician, her only request is for it not to disappear!

So you ask do all men possess the "Magic Stick", I would say yes and no. The wants and needs of women vary and we as men have to understand that what works for one woman may not work for the next. It's okay to take instruction if you are really in it to please your woman. Just because you are blessed with size doesn't make you the man. Just because you hold the bat doesn't mean you can hit the ball, there is some coaching needed to make you a great hitter. Just because you may come up a little short doesn't mean you can't play the game. Spud Webb became a dunk contest winner and so did Nate Robinson in the NBA, but with natural skills and some coaching they became great athletes! Be open to suggestions because all individuals know what's good for them and what makes them happy. In the process of making her happy, you will receive benefits as well! Trust me, you won't regret it! WSY

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