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Love Sex is better than Physical Sex

Nowadays sex is just that, sex! There used to be a time when sex equated to love. Sex was a bonus that was earned by the two parties involved. Through the expressions of our modern day music and reality television and other forms of negative entertainment sex is just bragging rights with no respect to the man or woman's physical houses. As time moves along people have a nonchalant attitude about what it means to come together in a loving manner, rushing to get inside the beautiful woman and quick to open your legs to the handsome man who seems to have themselves together. Never mind the fact that they are subjecting themselves to life threatening diseases, emotional baggage and any other life changing situations life throws their way. What ever happened to respect?

Love sex is the glue that keeps relationships together. Love sex is getting to know the person from a emotional and spiritual perspective. Spending time with a person talking and getting to know the things they like are very important when it comes to building a relationship. Physical sex is the bonus earned by the man. When a woman falls in love with a guy and she truly loves him and feels that she can trust him with her heart and they together agree that they are in this relationship for the long haul then the Physical sex takes place. Once the physical, mental and spiritual emotions connect the love making is so much more meaningful, intense and based on true love. I believe we need to get back to knowing one another and respecting each others physical houses. What say you?

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24 sept 2019

Sometimes I think that physical sex is over-rated. Mental sex last so much longer and can be so gratifying that one can, literally, experience orgasms. Mental sex reinforces the respect that you speak of, in my opinion, because it requires that we listen to each other.

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