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Long Distance Love

When it comes to long distance relationships people tend to cringe at the idea of having one. There are a lot of things to consider when thinking about having a long distance love. The thoughts that run through most people's minds are I wonder if he or she is cheating on me with another in there hometown, how are they going to put restraints on their sexual urges, is this really love, I must be really desperate to even entertain such an idea along with every other negative thought or excuse one could come up with.

Truth is if you are really trying to have a long distance relationship you first have to really be honest with yourself. You really have to be in love with that person and in love with the whole idea. You guy's have to set up a communication schedule especially if that special someone lives in a different time zone. You have to make plans to visit and show up. Nothing like missing a person and they let you down by not coming. Absence makes the heart grow founder, so that visit should be amazing! These types of relationships can be had by mature and honest people. The hardest thing is not being able to see your love every day. It can get lonely sometimes and a phone call just won't fix the problem. Sometimes you want that hug, that kiss in passing, a quickie, you want to be face to face with that smile and you want to roll over and cuddle. Again it get's hard, but it can work!

While going through the process of loving someone from afar you all should be making plans to eventually relocate to the same town. If you guy's are seriously committed to one another this experience could be the best test of love, honesty, trust, commitment and loyalty ever. I believe that anything you put your mind to you can achieve it. Just be honest with yourself and the one you love! WSY?

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