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It Gets Greater Later

From day one she always told me that it gets greater later. I figured that sure it would seeing as though there will now be two incomes coming in, no need to rob Peter to pay Paul! We can now save money and together do things we weren't able to do as individuals. Not that as individuals there were struggles, but it's always better when there is more than one person on the same financial accord trying to do better for self and each other. Yeah, I know that is the first thing that comes to mind when people think of being in a committed relationship!

As I began to move through this journey with H.E.R., I began to realize that this wasn't what she was talking about and the whole time she smiled, listened and loved! I realized that something different was changing inside of me. My spirit felt more vibrant and alive, my smile became brighter, my heart was warmer, my whole being was more positive and confident. I thought of finances less and thought more of how to bring more happiness to H.E.R.! H.E.R. protection, happiness and support was at the forefront of my every thought. This woman that I adored had turned on a spiritual light inside of me that I only wanted to burn for H.E.R.! Our love languages became stronger together which enhanced our love for each other in every aspect of our lives. We could look into each other's eyes and know what the other is thinking, we would do things for each other that would bring total joy to our hearts and minds. It has become greater, the love flows through our home, it has become greater, the sexual energy that we share has been shifted into another gear that has both stuck on high!

Those that know, know! You can't get to this point being selfish, you have to put pride aside, communicate and be willing to put in the work that delivers happiness to your doorstep. You have to get rid of the negatives that are in your lives or those negatives that are trying to attach themselves to you. This is a felling that you want to hold onto forever, yes even men!

Men seek out to have peace in their lives. Real men understand that in order to be at total peace it takes the strength, knowledge, wisdom, support and encouragement from a real woman. You can be macho and love hard! It truly gets greater with the one and only soul mate! Have you been there? Are you still there? Are you just starting your journey to getting there? True love speaks loudly and once it enters into your life you can't shake it! My advice, enjoy it!

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