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I'm Sorry

Why is it so hard to say these two words? The two most important words people refuse to say. Is it that society has become so mean that we allow anger to control our actions? I'm sorry, two words that can change the outcome of what had become a negative situation. I'm sorry, two words that can start the rehabilitation process of getting back to positive relationships.

So I ask you, why is it so hard to say I'm sorry? Is it stubborn pride that you carry because you want to prove your point knowing you have just hurt someone's feelings? Is it that you think it will make you look weak in the eyes of those you are confronting? To be honest I believe it makes you a bigger and better person to say I'm sorry, it shows you have a heart and that you care for the feelings of others.

Sometimes in the midst of turmoil even when you are right it's okay to say I'm sorry. Sometimes saying I'm sorry will help you stay connected to people who truly were meant to be in your lives. Just because there is a disagreement doesn't mean you have to end your relationships with those you love.

Be smart and don't be so quick to walk away. The devil is busy trying to destroy our friendships. We need some people in our lives and some we don't. Before speaking or acting take the time to ask God for direction in your decision making process. I've never heard of saying I'm sorry hurting anyone, it was there actions that caused the problems. WSY

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