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I Just want to Touch You

H.E.R.: I just can't contain myself, sitting here at work trying to finish up for the day and all I can think about is my man! This guy of mine has me in a state of emotions so strong all I can think about is H.I.M. The way he looks at me sends chills down my spine like I just stepped out of a shower in the middle of Alaska. The way he touches me is like Heaven, when we are together my mind floats up to the clouds of paradise never to return. Just being wrapped in his arms gives me the feeling of security only God can promise. When he speaks my heart skips several beats and his eyes so beautiful I can see the love and honest passion from his soul. Have you ever been around someone and they make you feel so special it begins to be so hard to control yourself? This is not sex, it's love uncut in it's purest form. The way my man expresses himself through his kisses sends me to a place so high, the taste of his lips are like magic. The way he holds my hands are like precious gifts and when he pulls me in to hug H.I.M I almost faint as I'm coming closer to the best chest where I rest my face. This guy I call mine is sent from the architects of Masculinity unknown to many. As I finish up here at work I have to take a deep breath just thinking about my blessing.

H.I.M.: Sitting on this plane heading home is like being suspended in air for hours on end. This seems to be the longest flight of my life, all I can think about is H.E.R. My baby I have been away from for so long I get to see soon. I lay my head back, close my eyes and all I can see is her smile. This woman of mine is so special and complete, the thought of being able to touch her makes me move around in my seat a bit. The way she greets me is everything to me, she caresses my face with both hands and leans in to kiss me. Every time I lay eyes on H.E.R. is like the very first time. This lady is regal in the way that she carries herself. She demands respect everywhere she goes. I love everything about her! The way she walks towards me is so gratifying knowing she is coming for me, H.E.R. beauty is like no other because it starts from the inside and exudes to the outside. Kissing my woman is the best taste ever, I haven't had anything as tasty as her lips and the words she speaks from those lips are so eloquent I just attentively hang on to each and every word. The way she slides under me while we are chilling is home to me, there is no other for me. This perfect woman with skin so soft is like touching perfection and when I'm away from H.E.R. I reminisce of touching her. Her breath is so fresh and the way she says I love you sends goosebumps all over my body because I know she means it. I can't wait to see her, she let's me know everything is alright just by looking at her. Holding my lady in my arms is the best feeling in the world, as I get to touch my blessing, inhale my favorite scent and get lost in the love of my life. I could talk with her forever and never get bored or turned off. The love of my life is my alpha angel here on earth for the rest of our lives. The anticipation of holding my loves hands makes me excited, her hands so soft and I can't wait to feel them all over me. The way she speaks words of encouragement to me is priceless. We are about to land and I can't wait. Shit, let me buckle up my seat belt. Perfection is on the other side of the walkway and I can't wait to touch H.E.R.

Have you ever felt this way about the ones in your lives? The best feeling in the world is being touched by the one you love! WSY

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Kimi Sung
Kimi Sung
Nov 17, 2019

This is such beautiful writing. I just love the way you express for both H.I.M and H.E.R.❤️

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