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Her Voice

In uncertain times such as these with the government being dishonest and not helping the people, the global pandemic changing the landscape of all nations, racism at an all time high and Karen's coming out of the wood works to disrupt and add fuel to the racist fires that are already burning at each end it's hard to understand what's going on in the world. In times like these it's hard to trust anyone and there are so many different theories of what's going on and how it's going to happen. To be honest it is just mentally draining. To come out of your houses every day to see people wearing mask and not wanting to touch each other is like a very big disconnect that we haven't seen before. We turn on our televisions and there we find doctors, nurses, government officials, internet hacks and so on encouraging us to not touch or hug our loved ones and to stay in the house. Essential workers are being cheated out of their well deserved bonus money they deserve while the companies they work for are collecting millions of dollars. It's really becoming a world of the have and the have not's!

Is this the beginning of the New World Order? Is the devil scrambling to destroy everything it can before it is destroyed? Is this the biggest government or world heist being carried out by the President of the United States along with his money hungry buddies? There is no comfort for those seeking a solution to their personal problems created by all this madness. At this point I believe people just want to see and experience some form of positivity and peace in their lives.

One thing throughout history that has never failed us as children and adults was the voice of the women we love. That sound that tells us no matter what, it's going to be alright. That voice a man longs to hear at the end of a painstakingly hard day, his woman saying things like I believe in you and I love you or you got this babe. A child hearing the security in his or her mother's voice saying I got you. Your Grandmother smiling at you and assuring you that whatever you were going through it too shall pass and love and positivity is just on the other side of this madness.

The nurturing tone of love that comes from a woman is the most powerful thing in the world. We believe in her and we know she is the total definition of love. As we look around we see the strength that comes from our Black sister's stepping up in protection of her men, we see the power in her voice when she says I got you and in order to get to my black man you have to go through us. The mother of all things life is H.E.R., Heavenly Everything Right! She, the woman is the voice of protection, love, unity, uprising, dignity, loyalty, trust, fun, peace, justice and life!

The voice we all long to hear in times of need. How can any man hate or disrespect the woman, the creator, the nurturer? The strength that men carry came from some parts woman. She is the carrier of life and her voice is the sound of peace! Maybe the thing we all need right now is to hear the soft encouraging words from our Mother's, Wives, Sister's, Aunties, Daughter's and all positive women in our lives praying over us and telling us this to shall pass and again we will be standing strong as a collective. I believe that this exist in all nationalities as well, but the Karen's of the world have to go immediately!

George Floyd called for his MOTHER!

BLACK LIVES MATTER! Not the organization, the PEOPLE!

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