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Her Inner Freak, Your Outer Respect

For years men have been taught to get as many notches under their belts as possible, this is sort of like sowing their royal oats or their introduction into manhood. Yes it's true, men have been taught the wrong things when it comes to women and sex for a very long time. When it comes to men and sex men want all women to be the same in the sack, freaks! All women are not freaks but they all have a wild side to them, it just takes the right guy to bring it out of them. I'm sure you all have heard this before but when it comes to knowing how to bring out the freak in your woman, you fail every time. There are men who think that just because a woman let's you do freaky things to them that it is supposed to be reciprocated, there is nothing further from the truth. The women the men want to be freaky are most of the times what you would call the good girls. You know the ones who are college educated, well mannered, always positive, have careers, you know the ones who want to settle down and have a family and are very good looking.

Men fail to realize that the way to a woman's heart is by respecting her, making her feel safe and knowing that what you guy's share between you two shall stay between you and will never get outside to others. Even though a woman shows her outer strength and she will not tolerate foolishness, she is very protective of her reputation. Real women have the same creative imaginations as men if not more, but they will not share their sexual desires with just anyone. She has to know that you are truly committed to her and that you support her fully. Real women don't want their feelings hurt and they don't want to feel like they are being used just for sex. A woman wants to let go and be free to show her guy that she is totally loyal to him.

When it comes to H.E.R. she only wants the utmost of respect, loyalty, love and the feeling that he only desires H.E.R. The way he treats her in front of others, the way he takes time out of his busy schedule to show her that she comes first, the whispers of love they share and the way he goes out of his way to show his girl how much he loves everything about her. When the good girl is convinced that she is loved by her man and he has earned all of her trust, she will loosen up. Women will agree that when she is shown unconditional love she will treat her guy like never before. She will show him a side of her that any other woman he has been with before seem extremely mediocre.

The love of a woman is organic and when she decides to open up to her guy fully it's like a dream come true, one that all real men crave. I was always taught that you get more bees with honey! Not all men are going to get a woman to open up fully, you see a man's actions have to be organic fully as well and a woman's intuition will pick up on bullshit! WSY

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Kimi Sung
Kimi Sung
Oct 22, 2019

Her Inner Freak, Your Outer Respect is on point! Reading my mind, and other women like me. I want men to read this, for, it is the truth. Thank you😊

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