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He Wants More

Now usually you hear of the woman saying she wants more out of the relationship from her guy, but believe me there are a lot of men who feel the same way about their female counter parts. From stimulating conversations to quality time to more sexual pleasure, men and women alike have needs and once entered into a relationship they tend to get comfortable over time and not purposely tend to neglect the wants, needs and desires of the ones they love. The thought of doing something special for your love one takes a back seat because of the day to day struggles, children, deadlines and any other distractions that have you on the move. Let's not forget you have to fit sleep in there somewhere!

When it comes to expressing how one feels in a relationship it is mostly the woman who speaks her truth because it is something that is considered feminine. Men expressing themselves in that manner has been looked upon as a weakness. They carry around that unhappiness hoping that the situation changes, but it never does. Situations never change without conversation and the willingness to change from both partners. Men have feelings and they hurt too and the thought of expressing how he feels gets uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing. This is a shame as this could be the very thing that changes the relationship for the better.

I believe that men not expressing how they feel in a relationship is just as important as the expression of his woman. She wants more and so does he! It all boils down to wanting more fun, excitement, understanding and adventure with the one you love. What makes this conversation so hard? The ability to be vulnerable has to be excepted and okay by both the male and the female in the relationship with no judgement but with more understanding. It's just you two against the world and no one else, her happiness is your happiness and vice versa. When you finally become one he will have no problems letting you know his likes and dislikes. In the end he loves you and it's okay to show and tell him how to love you and it's okay for him to let you know how he wants to be loved as well. By him wanting more may just be the thing that you needed as well, you will never know unless you have an honest conversation with each other. WSY?

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Kimi Sung
Kimi Sung
Dec 31, 2019

In creative environments, like rehearsal for a show, for example, trusting your fellows cast members (creative partners) is vital for one to honestly express him or herself. This is the same in friendships and intimate relationships between men and women. For either to be in a space where each can honestly express their needs and wants to the other, there has to be a string sense of trust. Good topic. Peace

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