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He is supposed to read my mind

Remember the time I told you all to be careful who you listen too? I believe it's time for me to reiterate this statement, please be careful who you listen too because some will lead you down the path of confusion, negativity and destruction in all facets of your life. some of those who give advice may mean well, but they don't have a clue about what they are saying. They could be repeating what they heard, could be talking from a place of hurt or talking from a place of selfishness and manipulation to get what they want. When it comes to advice you have to understand that everyone is not an expert in the field of which you may want or need them to be. People speak about things to make themselves look good and in some cases feel better about their negative behavior.

I was watching a show that featured two celebrity women who are very successful in their careers who state they are unhappy with their spouses. They both agreed that their husbands should be able to read their minds and since their husbands cannot read their minds it makes them uncomfortable and results in them not feeling comfortable during sex and gives them a right to cheat on them. Now they didn't admit to cheating on their spouses. but if you read between the lines you hear it! It's clear as day! I could not believe what I was watching or hearing because they were both so serious and smiling and laughing and agreeing to this foolishness. If people were mind readers than their would be so much less confusion on what our spouses are thinking and we would be so much happier and we would do all the things our partners desire. That is not how this thing works and if you happened to tune in on any conversation like this please turn your idiot box off and run.

The way we come to better understandings with our significant others is by communicating with our hearts, our minds and our mouths. There is no assuming of anything and by all means there is no reading of the minds. By this I mean with the utmost of respect and honesty that we love our husbands and wives and so we speak what's on our minds with love through communication through our mouths. We do not resort to stepping out on them and making up some lame excuses as to why we are doing such a heartless act of infidelity! If you want to step outside of your marriage or relationship just be man or woman enough to step up and say it, don't stay around because of the lifestyle and the money. Give the other person an opportunity to be happy with someone else who will appreciate them and above all else communicate positively with them.

Understand that celebrities don't have everything right and if you have been listening to their life stories you would understand that it seems like most don't have a clue to what they are doing as they bounce around from partner to partner. These are the people who want to give you relationship advice. These are the people who create shows talking about things they have no clue about, but yet people tune in, listen and agree with the bullshit they are feeding you. They do this for ratings and a check and to feel good about the dumb shit they are doing in there lives. There are good celebrities that have great marriages and relationships and if you happen to find them and they are giving out encouraging and positive advice that is going to increase the love in your relationship then go with it! Understand that communication is always going to be the key to understanding your mate. No one is going to understand what you like, what you dislike, what you enjoy the most, what type of position you like, what turns you on and off, what you like to eat, what kind of music you like, what is your favorite season or whatever without communication! Talking is how we get to understanding not mind reading!

The world we live in is already trying to switch up our thinking, making us believe that good is bad and bad is good. The devil stay busy and the devil works through the people you look up too. They are in the business of manipulation and con-artistry so be on point with your thinking, open your mouth and speak and work through your problems with your husbands, wives and significant others. Stepping out only brings other problems into your lives like one of the celebrity women who was speaking. She is trying to make excuses for her trifling behind! Be true to yourselves and only then can you be true to others. WSY? RELATIONSHIPS! Keep it Positive!

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