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Dear Momma

Today is one of the best and most important days of the year! A day we all celebrate the women in our lives who truly know who we are, the women who changed our diapers, wiped our tears, gave great advice, kept us safe, blessed us with confidence and strength, whooped our butts when necessary, fed us, clothed us, cleaned us and guided us in the right direction of life. Our Mothers are our first examples of what good women look like, they were the first to show us how a real woman acts and treats others. Our mother's showed us how to navigate through tough times and even when times seemed to difficult to bear, Momma said it will only last for a short time and you will come out shining like the brightest light. Momma was and still is our biggest cheerleader and only want's the best for us.

My mom is the symbol of true strength, she has fought through some very rough times and has come out like she has never been in any type of fight. My mom loves her children and she loves her black people. She is out there in the community everyday trying to make a positive difference for all of us who live in the inner city. The things my mom told me when I was young, I understand now and when I tell you she was hitting on all cylinders, she was and still is. There is nothing like hearing your mommas voice on the other end of the phone or seeing her face light up when she lays eyes on you.

Our mother's are jewels to the world, our first instructors of life. Our mother's are the beginning of life! When God created the woman he created the best being to ever grace the planet. There is so much to learn from momma and she never stops loving, teaching and parenting. Momma is the blueprint!

Speaking on behalf of anyone who agrees with what I am saying about mother's I would like to go on record to say thank you to my mother for being who you are and always loving, praying and caring for me even when I was acting a fool! The wisdom you have spoken in the past is still with me now. there will never be another woman in my life that has or can do the things you have done for me. You are my rock, my laughter, my friend, and my understanding of the world we live in. Thank you and never change. I draw from your strength and it will always be apart of me guiding me through life.

Today we celebrate mother's and we call it Mother's day. I believe that everyday is Mother's day because a mother's job is never done. We don't say it enough how much we respect and enjoy what you do for us. For those whose Mother's have went on to become your angels in Heaven, remember she is still with you and you are not alone. Remember the great times momma left behind and remember all the times momma got in your butt for acting up, remember all the times momma cooked that wonderful food and how she was always on time to watch her favorite soap opera or show. You may miss her face, but her spirit is always around you. Close your eyes and speak the words "I LOVE YOU MOMMA"! Cry tears of joy, look at pictures and slide down memory lane with family members. A mother will never be forgotten and as grown as we get we still want and need our MOMMA'S!

WE LOVE YOU MOMMA! From all of the children in the world. Thank You!

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