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The way things are spiraling out of control here in the United States and across the world with the coronavirus it's time to start acknowledging those who are out there on the battlefield. To all the doctors, nurses and all other health care providers and volunteers I pray that you all are protected and shielded from the virus. Now I don't know if this is a plot by the big pharmaceutical companies to cash in, but I will say to you all be safe and use good judgement while going about your day to day activities. If we all pray for our healthcare providers I believe that God will hear our prayers and will form a hedge of protection around them. Now is the time that we come together in love and know that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. The devil is a lie and will be defeated.

To you all the caregivers all over America and the world we appreciate you and may God protect you. To the people of the world let's help make the caregivers lives a little easier by following the instructions given by spending more time at home only going out when necessary, drink warm fluids, increase your immune systems by ingesting things that will boost your immune systems. Exercise at home, talk positive to one another, laugh and have a good time and pray with and for one another. There is power in prayer!

I also ask that everyone who believes in the All Mighty God join me in prayer that the removal of all evil be removed from this place we call home, May the evil of today be your last in The All Mighty Name of the Great Jehovah we pray Amen! It is so!

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