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Are you a sexual giver, receiver or both?

First let me start by saying it's good to be back in the writers seat to talk with you guy's again. Their has been some new updates to the website and I hope as you look around you love what you see and you enjoy reading the new as well as the old blogs. I missed you guy's and now that I am back get ready for some new and interesting topics as they relate to the questions and concerns of those who want to spice up there relationships as well as address some new things you may not be comfortable talking about with your mate. Here I will open up some topics that will start the conversations you may feel uncomfortable starting with the one you love. So let's get to the new topic at hand.

Are you a sexual giver, receiver or both in your relationship is the question. Let's start here, if you are in a new relationship and you want to do some things that may be considered risque, naughty or may be looked upon as freaky to some, you may want to make sure that is something you want to do with the person you are with. Is this someone you know for sure you are going to be with? Is this someone who has the same sexual views and ass-pirations as you? Will this person put your business out in the streets once the relationship goes south or will they be adults and keep those wonderful experiences to themselves? we all know that everything isn't for everybody and even though you may want to explore your sexual urges and cravings there could be some negative consequences and repercussions that follow because we also know that just because someone is of adult age, doesn't necessarily mean they are adults. So proceed with caution because everyone isn't where you are sexually and to get the best out of the experience you must both be on the same accord, ya dig?

Now let's get down to the juice at hand. If you are in a solid relationship with no negative thoughts, everything is great and you guys know for sure that you can take your sexual experiences to new levels of ecstasy then by all means I say go for it. I mean hey you only live once and it's only the business of you two. I think that both the man and woman involved should be the giver and the receiver in the relationship, I mean what good would that be if one person gave all the time? Some may be okay with it, but to have mind blowing and out of this world sexually orgasmic pleasure coming from both parties involved leaves nothing but the greatest of memories, leaves your body in a sexually euphoric state of what in the f*ck did I just experience and I can't wait to relive this feeling again.

The reasons for giving and receiving let's you both know that hey I want to bring just as much joy to you as you bring to me. Having the bodies collide in a rhythmic motion, feeling the dance of your tongues gliding over parts of your body that brings chills to your soul, using all of your senses to bring out every unawaken sexual response you didn't even know you had, to listen with your ears, your eyes, your hands, your lips, your tongue. To be able to explore your mates body and inhale the sexual aroma of the moment. Letting your husband/wife know that we are in this together and I love you like nothing on this planet. We are the soulmates of each other and this sexual give and take is just one of the many ways of expressing to you how I feel about you.

Does this seem like the kind of experience you would like to share with just anyone? These moments are to be shared by the one who makes you smile on sight and in thought, the one who took the time out to learn your body, the one who was teachable, the one who could teach. These give and take moments are for those couples who are really in love and only want to bring more joy and happiness to one another. I don't just want her soul to be tied to mine, I want her soul to sing and dance, I want her body to feel a certain way when I'm around (Aroused)! So are you a sexual giver, receiver or both? How important is giving and receiving to you? WSY? RELATIONSHIPS! Keep it Positive!

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