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All Men Want a Freak

Ladies this is a topic you should really have with your man. This conversation can only be had if both of you are completely honest. Fellas if you are having this conversation with your lady you have to be extremely honest. The reason for this honesty is because it could save a lot of relationships and it could possibly cut down on the cheating that goes on in some relationships as well as spice up your love life. So let's get to it! When men get together and talk amongst their friends about women and their sexual escapades the freak they have been with gets all the glory. You ask why? Well I'll tell you, to be honest the conversation of being with a freak is exciting and it gets everyone in the room involved. The conversation then becomes a competition of sorts as all men begin to brag about the freaky experiences they have encountered as well, and no one is going to talk about the sex they are having with their woman that's a no no! You see in all or should I say most men's heads they want that perfect female for them, the one who will do the thangs to a man that will make his toes curl, makes him sweat and to be honest do all the nasty shit a lot of women want to do, but can't because they don't want to be looked at as slut or any other degrading names some disrespectful men would call them. Truth be told, women want some of the same things as men, but are looked at different if they express how they feel.

Men have constantly stated over the years that they wanted a good girl they can take home to momma, not the freaky chick they sneak around with. I believe that you can have both, you know a freaky wife that you can take home to momma. Who is going to know about your freaky sex sessions but you two unless you open your mouth and tell your business. That right there is the biggest part or the problem, men want to brag about how much sex they get, who they got it from and what she did to you. They always tend to leave out all the freaky shit he did to her! Bragging and boosting isn't the way to go when sex is involved, if you are used to having sex act like it. Don't put her business out in the streets like you were some kind of pimp or something. In some cases that might be the case, but in most cases did it ever occur to you men that a woman can love you so much that she really only wants to live out her sexual fantasies with the man she loves? See women have wants and needs as well, they fantasize about being a bad girl to her guy only! She wants to do all the things you want her to do to you and sometimes more, but she wants to be sure that her secrets are safe with you. She wants to make you feel like the luckiest guy in the world because she loves you, only you and she wants you to know that her body, her love, your body, your love is only being shared with just you two and no one else.

I believe that some men get into their own heads and begin to wonder; where did she learn that from? Who else knows about this? Not realizing that this is something that has been in her head for a very long time, she was just waiting on the man she loves and trust to get busy with! To have a woman that loves you, that honors you, will protect you and that will never step out on you, one that is wifey material and you honestly love her the same way and she will provide you with all of your freaky desires because they are hers too is a winning situation! You shouldn't have to worry about what others think because only you two know what's going on in your household. Some may fear that they may be the ones getting turned out, you know their woman can be to much for them. Some men believe that they are to be in control at all times. It's okay to let your woman lead the way some times. Some women want to be the aggressor but tend to back off because they don't want to upset you. Let her teach you a thing or two about who she is, what she wants, how she wants it, how she likes it!

Conversations need to be had and why not have the best of both worlds in one person. I mean as for us men their comes a time where we have to realize that we can't sex them all, but we can have the greatest times of our lives with the ONE we are with. Keeping your mouth closed could be the greatest blessing you ever had. Enjoy your freak, be her freak and together become weak from pleasurable exhaustion! Oh yeah, we are all adults here so it's safe to assume that before she met him and he met her they have been sexually active with someone other than you! Get over it and basket in the fact that whatever she learned and you are receiving is yours and what ever you learned and you are now giving is hers. Shit we all learned different things from others or we always wanted to try something different than we have learned. Enjoy it! Enjoy each other! Enjoy your freak! Shit, marry your freak! Shut your damn mouth we are not children anymore. WSY?

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