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Adult conversation

I already know I can have the puddy tat, but it's your heart I want. I'm checking to see where the signals in your brain are leading you. Are you friend or foe, wife or thot, partner in the making or a snake in waiting. I want to get to know you. What makes your blood boil, what makes your nipples hard, what makes you pure! How can I maximize the happiness in your life, how can I insert joy into your whole being?

Are you looking to have a successful spiritual journey as well as a life long sexual experience handed down to me to bring you the physical pleasures of the unknown? Do you realize that love was given to us to bring about peace? We are two ingredients coming together to create a peaceful platter while exploring the planet and each other. Can I get to know you on a higher level? Can I question your contributions to society? Are you happy with who you are? Do you smile every time you pass by a mirror? May I hold your hands and attempt to feel your vibe, your energy and the pulse throbbing from your wrist?

Do I make you uncomfortable as I ask questions no other man knew to ask? It's okay, relax as I unzip the answers that you never knew you had to answer from your dress of self knowledge covering up the real woman that's hidden inside this beautiful outer covering God had to create! Day after day I walk pass beautiful women with hurt in their eyes, but today my spirit jumped and my soul said she is the one! I want to throw away the condoms for good, slide in your miracle and create life with my life long partner. Can it be you that I want to be H.E.R.? Can we talk?

How many of you have had this conversation? One with substance and honesty. One that holds adult content with no fear of asking uncomfortable questions to unlock the doors to forever love?

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