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This is my 50th blog and I wanted to write about something that may make some blush, some smile, some frown and some just curious as to what this topic is. This is my 50th blog, a big deal to me and so for my 50th blog I decided to tackle a topic most people would shy away from. Often times these will be the post that get's the most readership. Funny how that works huh? The reason people shy away from this topic is because if they knew you indulged in this they would judge you and look at you funny and act as though you have a problem. The reality is most have indulged and most like it, a lot! Remember when I started my blog journey I told you I would explore topic's people usually don't discuss because these topic's need to be discussed and talked about. The uncomfortable when discussed becomes comfortable and new things are learned and understood. Well lock in your literary seatbelts because this one is going to take you for a bumpy ride or should I say slippery ride? Either way you are going to enjoy it, I enjoyed writing it!

Today I'm going to tackle PORN! Is it good or bad for you? When we were younger most of us were told to stay away form pornography because it was considered bad. As most of you know whenever were told to stay away from something it only peeks our curiosity and makes us want to know why and so we sneak around try to find out what this thing called porn is and why it is forbidden. Being resourceful as we can be we find it and there has now been a whole new world that has opened up to us. Naked bodies doing things that at first would make you blush, but would in time become something you wanted to investigate more of and eventually participate in. This just looks so good and it you could achieve some of the acts they were doing you would be considered a sexual king or queen in the bedroom when you get to that part of your life.

Like anything else that generates money, porn is big business so behind the scenes they do things to make the actors achieve levels of sexual success most common folks will never achieve. In order to achieve longevity like they show, some will have to indulge in the drugs that will help them last longer, some have surgeries to make their bodies look better etc... Basically behind the scenes they are doing unnatural things, but not sharing with the world how they are achieving things that most cannot having you believe they sexual gods and goddesses . This also keeps some watching! The more you watch, the more money they stand to make. As viewers you don't care about the behind the scenes activities like the use of enhancement drugs, fluffer's, alcohol or what ever is needed to help the actor's perform. You only care about that beautiful naked female and for the ladies that well hung male. Over the years porn was a teacher for a lot of people because that among other things wasn't discussed in the household. As we got older some strayed away from porn and some stayed. As time went by porn grew and changed and there were topics to fit all sexual types and with technology coming along it really just became a powerful industry designed to captivate and pull in as many people as possible. For some as you get older you become aware of the things that happen in the background of the porn set's and you understand that you will never be able to achieve some of the acts without help and some of the things they create are not good and many porn productions cross the lines.

I was asked by a couple if it was okay for them to enjoy porn? My response to them was, what you do in the confines of your home is your business as long as it isn't hurting or harming anyone. If you enjoy adult porn and it arouses you and your spouse that is your business. Keep it grown and sexy! They enjoy it and it keeps their bedroom activities fun and fulfilling! I believe that porn can be used as a tool to keep relationships exciting, some people like to reenact scenes, try things with their spouses they haven't done before. I have read where porn, not drugs have helped some men with arousal as well as women. You would be surprised how many people have viewed porn and liked it! Or maybe you wouldn't. A secret most won't speak on because they are afraid that people will judge them. The very ones you are concerned about judging you are probably in to it more than you! We know that everything we do isn't every ones business so be you and keep it safe and fun!

Like all things to much of anything could have negative effects on people so keep it to a minimum. As some get older porn doesn't have the same effect on you as it did when you were younger, you don't want to look at other people having sex. You know what you like with your spouse or significant other and that is enough. Some people could use porn to become better lovers! Understanding that it is only a tool for generating arousal and techniques can be helpful in your learning of making you better in certain areas in the bedroom. Outside of porn the best way to satisfy your lover is to talk to them and express what makes you happy and how you can do certain things that makes the both of you satisfied! No one knows your body and mind like you do. You have to be open and honest with your partner and that makes for a more enjoyable experience between you two. Porn has it's place and it's not for everyone.

There is a lot to be learned about feelings and the human body. Learn how the body works, find out what you like, get to know who you are before you let someone else come into your space. Teach them how to love you and show them what makes you happy. Everything isn't for everybody so make sure your with someone who truly loves and trust you and someone you love and trust. Sex is amazing and it can take you on mental and physical journeys you never knew existed! The mental, physical and spiritual houses are connected and when you are able to satisfy all of them at once the fireworks will never stop. Porn doesn't teach you that! So is it bad? It can be. Is it a tool you can use? Yes. For those looking for visual stimulation you can find it in porn, but beware you can also find let's just say unattractive as well! Stay away from negative porn, it's not healthy and it can get you into trouble.

I remember when we were younger there was a drive-in movie that showed porn, of course the screen faced away from the street so you couldn't see it. There was a trail that was developed from all the people who would walk down the hill to view the movies! They (The Adults) would tell you to stay away from porn, but it was right in our faces. As you get older you find out that your parents like porn and a lot of you found your dad's stash of books and videos and some of your mom's had a stash as well! At a certain age I believe those uncomfortable conversations are going to need to take place. There needs to be an understanding of what's out here in the world and why it's here. Everyone perceives things differently and that can be a good or bad thing! Don't allow the streets to teach your children and young adult children. You can't afford to send them out into the real world blind about certain things and porn is one of them.

The human body is amazing, all of it! Protect it and use it well! WSY? RELATIONSHIPS! Keep it Positive!

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