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Robert Taylor, Jr. is a creative writer, author, and relationship expert from Kansas City, Missouri. 


An avid traveler, Robert enjoys visiting different cities throughout the country. While he appreciates the unique flair each area has to offer, Robert noticed a common thread from one town to the next involving relationships. Instead of embracing each other's strengths and differences and utilizing those traits to create a true partnership, men and women seemed to compete. Divorce rates all over continue to rise as men struggle to heal from issues of rejection. Simply put, women want more than a man with swag.


Upon discussing this topic with various men and women, Robert set out to create change through his literary work.  He currently has two books, H.E.R. and Relationships: The Complete Black Men's Guide to Developing Healthy Relationships, and thrives to continue to help bridge the gap between the sexes with future works.


"In the midst of giving women the proper praises they deserve, Robert Taylor, Jr. finds a unique way of bringing up much-needed topics and creating understanding for men and women." –Anonyomous

"This book will make you laugh, think, feel a little naughty, and may even rub some the wrong way – but it"s all written in love.  H.E.R. is definitely a page-flipper." –Anonymous

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